London School of English

Established in 1912, London School of English (LSE) are the world's oldest accredited English language school.

The Brief

LSE wanted a redesign of their existing site in order to redefine the organisation, distilling their trust and to push their professionalism of doing it right as a genuine language school.  Being an organisation based in London, LSE are competing with multinational players for a niche market, so it was imperative that the site not only stood out in terms of the school being the ‘best of its breed’, but also that it served to inspire and excite people to want to travel to London.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of LSE being an 'in the detail company', it was important to keep to the simplicity of what the user would want to see and not overwhelm them with a complicated navigation.  The challenge came in keeping simple messages with a less is more approach, while still maintaining the depth of information there for agents to utilise.  In simplifying the content architecture, it was also important to be mindful of maintaining the site’s high search engine ranking.

An additional challenge lay in attempting to convey the excitement and quality of service offered at LSE without blowing their own trumpet.

The Result

The redesigned site offers an elegant, vibrant and sophisticated energy in a very subtle design.  It is able to target a wide audience ranging from young people seeking to improve their English as well as top executives seeking to improve their professionalism.  The excitement of studying in London has been captured through the use of iconic images.  The site brings in social media in a subtle way, enabling people to write course reviews and developing a sense of community within the organisation.

For the team at Liquid Light it has been a pleasure working with the people at LSE who genuinely believe in the product they offer.  Finn Taylor, Director at Liquid Light commented, “You can’t help but go away from meetings feeling excited about the project after speaking with people that are clearly thrilled by what they offer”.