The Right Mix

The Brief

Land Securities asked us to come up with a Flash game that would allow their guests to mix a 'perfect' cocktail, where they could not only try to make the best Cosmopolitan, but also enter a competition to win a case of Champagne.

The Challenge

From the outset, we knew that the game had to be cocktail related, light hearted & fun and of course it needed to be something playable and memorable, creating a talking point at the actual party.

The Results

The result is a fun, irreverent game which allows players to attempt to mix the 'perfect cosmopolitan' - the fun comes when the barman, Miguel tastes your concoction, with a number of hilarious reactions..

We found that most players spent time not only trying to perfect their mixing skills (so that they could win the prize), but that they also had just as much fun trying to poison the barman eliciting as many responses as possible.

The ultimate result of this games success is that:

  • The Cocktail evening had a great turn out - the reminder worked and lots of people turned up (and incidentally talked about the game)
  • The Game was considered so good that it quickly went viral. With this only being sent to a select audience, it quickly got passed around.
  • The game currently gets approximately 6,000 unique visits per day - In December we received over 112,000 unique visits and for January we have had approximately 150,000 unique visits. The game has accounted for over 320 Gbytes of downloaded data in a December and January alone.
The guys from Liquid Light simply blew me away this time – I was able to start the process with them, go on a holiday at a critical time and return to great feedback from my colleagues. The project has been a resounding success, with positive feedback from across the board – Liquid Light deliver yet again.

Tom Foulkes - Land Securities