Empowering our clients to solve the world’s biggest challenges

What we do

Deforestation, universal health care, travel  to inaccessible places, freeing trade across Africa: at Liquid Light we’ve been working with organisations who have set their sights on the world’s biggest challenges for over two decades.

And we continue to do so, finding new ways for clients to present themselves, reach out, connect and transact in the digital world.

Who we work with

From brands with a vast portfolio of products or services, to organisations with a mishmash of legacy systems and non-profits forging a global presence, our clients depend on us to guide and deliver measurable success.

The challenges our clients have are ambitious, complex, enduring and often visionary. And we take responsibility for realising their vision.


How we do it

We use processes honed over many years; we align the most demanding stakeholders and define and communicate your message, no matter how complicated.

We utilize our team’s expertise and creativity to deliver insight, solve problems, provide technical solutions, and generate engaging brand communications.

But most of all we take the time to step back to see the big picture, consider all options, and understand that the easiest isn’t always the right one.

Who you will be working with

Our team consists of 15-16 design and technical specialists. Whilst many agencies use banks of freelancers or out-source work, Liquid Light has chosen not to follow this approach preferring to build and develop our own close-knit team with the right blend of skills and know-how.

Owen Priestley

Strategy / User research / Brand development

Matt Keogh

Strategy / Creative direction / Brand development

Mike Street

Technical definition and development / QA

Emily Owen

Account management / SEO and content strategy

Cristina Muñoz

Account management / UX Research / SEO Strategy

Zaq Mughal

Technical Analyst / Development