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No. We don’t have a Pool table or Table Football. There aren’t any beanbags, and at the moment no one is sporting a beard (thankfully!) Yes, we do have a coffee machine (obviously) and there is an office pooch called Saffy, our device test lab is growing by the day, and our rather splendid, bright, open plan studio is slap bang in the centre of Brighton’s North Laine District where all the cool digital kids hang out.

But, to be honest we really don’t believe a lot of that matters. We’ve learnt that with the right team, culture, and client base - coming in early on a Monday morning seems like a joy rather than a chore - because that’s where we want to be - amongst a smart, stimulating and passionate team of fellow geeks who understand why we care about a line of code or a new wireframing toolset.

So, if you’re smart, can prove you know what you’re doing and you care deeply about what you do, then do drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you - complete the application form below and leave us your CV. Our team isn’t huge - but we are always happy to meet someone who can add to the mix.

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Studio Manager / Account Manager

This is an exciting role that would suite either a studio/office manager who wants to get more involved with clients and projects; or an account manager who wants to do more than manage clients, getting involved in helping organise the studio and team.

Half of your time will be spent running the studio. You will need to think on your feet and spot things that need doing before they need doing. Day-to-day we will need your help to keep our busy studio running efficiently, ensuring that our team and clients feel welcome in our office, that the phone is promptly answered and that the studio is well maintained and organised.

The other half of your time will be spent working as an interface between our team and our clients. You'll be interacting with clients from day one and quickly gain experience helping to act as an interface between clients and the team. As you gain experience you'll be able to help spot natural opportunities to grow revenue by explaining and selling the benefits of new ideas or improvements to a client’s project.

Closing date 6th February 2016

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