Clarity affords focus

Founders, Finn Taylor and Rob Day wanted to work together, doing what they loved. It really was that simple. That was over twenty years ago and they’re still working together today - leading a team of brilliant, enthusiastic and passionate people who also want to work together doing what they love.

Finn Taylor

Founder, Director, Problem Solver, Shiatsu Practitioner

Finn has a fascinating background; if you get to meet him, be sure to ask him about it. Suffice to say he’s usually got a surprising anecdote up his sleeve no matter what the subject or scenario. They may sound implausible and it’s easy to wonder if he’s pulling your leg, until you get to know him. That’s when you realise he’s not only telling a true story but that he’s probably downplaying the thing! We can only guess that when you’ve lived as much of a life as Finn has, the world just looks very different. 

Problems that mere mortals find impossible to work out he seems to solve in a blink of an eye, it’s a little bit spooky. You wonder if it was slight of hand or you misheard something, but no, he really is that good.

Thankfully for us (and our clients), he works at Liquid Light and cares passionately about digital communication and that’s where he truly excels. Where clients find impenetrable roadblocks and political red tape, Finn finds opportunity and innovation. If you're lucky enough to have him work on your project, listen to what he’s got to say; he know his stuff and he’s not afraid to play devil’s advocate for the good of the user. He’s far from conventional, but rest assured, even if you’re not entirely sure how you said yes, to that ‘out there’ solution, you will end up with a surprisingly simple, highly effective and very beautiful project.

Rob Day

Founder, Director, UX Designer, Psychotherapist(-ish)

Rob’s background is deeply rooted in design; he trained at St. Martin’s and was bitten by the interactive, digital bug when it was in its very infancy. For him, the combination of design, technology and communication were both utterly compelling and excruciatingly frustrating, compelling because from early on he could see the true potential that it offered and frustrating because the technology and market just weren’t advanced or mature enough to truly get it.

“We’re getting there” but he believes there’s still a lot to learn and whilst the look and feel of the web is improving it’s also becoming both bland and commoditised. It’s all too easy for things to appear pretty on the surface only to find there’s little substance or reason to engage.

Rob’s a creative at heart, if you get to meet him you’ll see those small dots start to form into sparks that in turn become cunningly smart solutions. Those ideas when merged with his passion for technology and design deliver a unique insight and skill set, where every project he works on benefits.

Rob’s the first to admit he’s not the most patient, or mild mannered of people, so whilst you may get exactly what you see on the tin, also realise that you’re getting a no-nonsense veteran who has a laser sharp attention to detail and a nose for what works and what doesn’t.

Oliver Rowlands

Director, Head of Technology, Hover-board aficionado

You know those kids who kinda scared you at school because they were so brainy they couldn’t really communicate in the way that the rest of you did? Well Oli's one of those kids. We met him fresh out of Uni and from day one we knew we had a winner. So much so that within a few years we’d already made him a director and soon after an equal shareholder.

To say that Oli is smart would be an understatement and slightly insulting to his intelligence. In twenty years in the business, we’re yet to meet a sharper, quicker thinking developer, there maybe a few out in Silicon Valley, but as far as the UK is concerned we think we’ve nabbed someone rather special.

Can it be built? Yes. Should it be built? Now that’s the real question! You may not always like his answers, but you will get a laser-sharp, no holds barred answer as to whether and how it should be built, as well as what pitfalls to avoid before you’ve even touched a sitemap or wireframe. We’ve seen Oli create things out of thin air that can genuinely take on most start ups who have funding and years of development, and he calls them ‘hobbies’ or ‘playthings’.

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