Real knowledge is to know
the extent of one's ignorance

We work on a lot of digital projects - many for our clients and some for ourselves. We regularly face new challenges and changes in technology, that once surmounted pave the path to new creations, solutions and deeper understanding. Our blog is our outlet for sharing some of that knowledge - fuelled by curiosity and a desire to understand and where possible, answer some of the problems we and our clients face.

Used as part of the design and development process of digital products and services, stories are a useful tool for designers to communicate ideas and concepts to both clients and development teams in a lean and low fidelity manner.

by Owen Priestley

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Trello is a great tool which lets you easily manage projects. Ranging from websites to weddings, Trello helps you create tag and move cards. At Liquid Light, we use Trello to keep track of our marketing output - this blog explains how.

This article was posted in Client Guides, Tools by Mike Street

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There are many things that on the surface might not seem important. It’s only by thinking about these on a daily basis that their significance becomes apparent.

This article was posted in Client Guides by Matt Keogh

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logo size illustration

A topic of conversation that often arises within our office, and when talking to clients, is “How big should the logo be on a website?” To answer this question I decided to do a bit of research and compare the website logo sizes...

This article was posted in Client Guides, Quick Tips by Will Chidlow

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device lab illustration

At Liquid Light we've got a range of devices which we use to test our websites on - accessing and viewing these devices was becoming cumbersome. Two of our staff took it into their own hands to build a Lego-based device lab.

This article was posted in Liquid Light, Responsive by Mike Street, Will Chidlow

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African Bond Markets (AFMI) is an NGO created to help promote and encourage investment in Africa via African government bonds. It was created by one of our other NGO clients - the African Development Bank together with other partners such as Thompson Reuters (news agency). One of the aims of the web site was to showcase key data regarding african government bond prices...

This article was posted in Design, Development by Pranath Fernando

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We’ve done it again! To go alongside our three Horizon awards we’ve also won two IMA best in class awards for our Barbican Insurance and Bellwood Prestbury websites.

This article was posted in Liquid Light by Matt Keogh

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Creating a responsive, HTML email template is not as easy as it first appears. Email clients are still behind with web standards and supporting latest web technologies, so HTML emails need to be built using the <table> element and inline styles. This blog will walk you through creating a custom template while still using Mailchimp's WYSIWYG and Image editor

This article was posted in Development, Responsive by Mike Street

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Using Google Analytics to monitor your website’s success is a great way to see what’s working and gather vital information about your site visits, but more and more we are hearing about the trouble caused by spam referrals...

This article was posted in SEO, Quick Tips by Candice Underwood

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Good News! We’re very excited to announce three of our projects have been awarded a Horizon Interactive Award.

This article was posted in Liquid Light by Candice Underwood

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