What 2024 holds for Nonprofits and NGOs

In 2024, Nonprofits and NGOs are navigating a particularly complex and rapidly changing environment. Below I delve into some of the key issues that I feel will be shaping the Nonprofit and NGO sector in 2024.

Why developing your brand is essential for Nonprofits, development organisations and NGOs

Why ‘brand’ isn't a dirty word. Build trust among stakeholders and help people to understand how your organisation aligns with their values.

My 5 takeaways from UX London

The UX conversation is shifting to focus more on sustainable design.

What makes brand development more challenging for NGOs and development organisations

Stakeholder alignment, dispersed teams and budget misconceptions are just some of the obstacles faced by our nonprofit clients.

Building communities and enabling collaboration: tools and techniques for your website or intranet

How nonprofits and NGOs can energise their audience and give them a platform to communicate, collaborate and share experiences and resources.

Creating accessible websites: a primer for website developers

Creating accessible websites: a primer for website developers

At Liquid Light we pride ourselves on building accessible and inclusive websites, and have built websites and platforms with a focus on accessibility for the likes of the disability charity Leonard Cheshire and The Washington Group on Disability Statistics.

Building a sustainable future - how web development teams can create sustainable digital ecosystems

How can digital designers and developers design sustainable websites, apps and digital products?

My top 10 takeaways from Brighton SEO

My top 10 takeaways from Brighton SEO

I had the pleasure of attending Brighton SEO. Here are my 10 takeaways from all the talks attended.

Creating Backend Layouts with TYPO3 CMS to build better looking pages

This blog post walks through creating, selecting and using Backend Layouts in TYPO3.

Why storytelling is essential for NGOs and Nonprofits

NGOs and Nonprofits should already know that narratives and stories are perfect for building empathy and providing relevance, but how do we lose sight of their importance?