Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance

We work on a lot of digital projects - many for our clients and some for ourselves. We regularly face new challenges and changes in technology that, once surmounted, pave the path to new creations, solutions, and deeper understanding. Our blog is our outlet for sharing some of that knowledge. Fuelled by curiosity, a desire to understand and – where possible – answer some of the problems we and our clients face.

In a world of ever increasing diversity of devices, many have chosen to adopt the responsive web design approach when creating their websites. But issues arise for the images of these websites ?

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Might adding your Twitter feed to your website actually be a bit of an 'own goal'?

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24th April 2014

Free Getty Images?

A few weeks ago Getty images decided to open the doors to over 35 million of its images for people to use for free. Now that the dust has had time to settle, what are the implications and opportunities?

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23rd April 2014

TemplaVoila & TYPO3 6.2 LTS

TemplaVoila may not mean much to many of our clients, but they actually use it all the time: it is the templating engine which plays a key role in TYPO3's flexibility.

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The latest version of TYPO3 is now available for download, what does this mean for you?

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What is the future for TYPO3 now that NEOS has it time for TYPO3 to retire and let NEOS takeover or is TYPO3 still the best CMS around?

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"I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I'm still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for newbie blog writers? I'd genuinely appreciate it."

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There are many effective ways of creating a great impact with your website. One of the most versatile and largely overlooked is Illustration. It is an incredibly effective tool in any designer and Art Directors toolkit, a whilst...

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Every software update should be met with excitement by its users, even more so for a major upgrade. Look at major upgrades of Photoshop, Illustrator or even MS Office - the users are clamouring for new features, enhancements and improvements - it is like toys to play with.

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27th December 2013

Outsourcing – friend or foe?

Web agencies are frequently at the forefront of outsourcing, they are an obvious area to outsource. Often organisations don’t have the skill, time or the resources to design, build and/or maintain a website. But what do you think when you hear the term outsourcing? Many people instantly imagine negative results, my question is... is outsourcing really so wonderful or indeed so bad?

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