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We work on a lot of digital projects - many for our clients and some for ourselves. We regularly face new challenges and changes in technology that, once surmounted, pave the path to new creations, solutions, and deeper understanding. Our blog is our outlet for sharing some of that knowledge. Fuelled by curiosity, a desire to understand and – where possible – answer some of the problems we and our clients face.

De-risk with "content first'
24th September 2013

De-risk with "content first'

The core principal of this waterfall process makes perfect sense. So how is it that projects can still go horribly wrong? Is it lack of experience? lack of ability to deliver what the client wants? Difficult clients? Or just the nature of the beast?

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Whether you’re having a brand new logo designed for your business, or just refreshing the existing one, it can be a delicate operation indeed. The designer is employed to do the work, but it is a two way relationship and there are a number of things you can do as the client, to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

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It’s just letters on a screen right, what’s the big fuss? A wise man once said “95% of the information on the web is written language.” When you look at it in those terms, letters are the most vital ingredient of a website and the method we use to create them really does matter.

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3rd May 2013

Marketing Trends

Marketing is crucial to any organisation and Internet marketing should be part of any marketing mix. There aren’t many marketing channels with the speed, efficiency and reach of the internet.

When planning your marketing strategy...

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The first attraction to visitors might be visual, but it’s the sparkling conversation that will keep people coming back for more.

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TYPO3 v6.0 Update: A Designers Eye View

All of our websites here at Liquid Light are built using the powerful open source content management system, TYPO3. We have recently updated many of our client websites to the new version of TYPO3 v6.0 and have noticed quite a few...

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Whilst having your own website is easy, few site owners are aware that there are actually quite a few rules and regulations that they need to abide by if they are not going to get themselves into trouble.

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19th February 2013

Is your head in the cloud?

It’s the buzzword of the moment but what does the cloud really mean to those of us who don’t converse in techno speak or run vast IT empires? Should we really care about it?

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Desktop sharing tools can be of great assistance to large and small organisations seeking to offer their services flexibly in an increasingly globalised world.

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Our guest blogger - Tom Foulkes explores the need for all companies looking to engage on social platforms to find their ‘Content Generator’.

The theory that underpins this is something I call the ‘Content Metabolic Rate’ (CMR)....

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