Cristina Muñoz

Cristina Muñoz

Cristina, our Digital Account Manager, has interests that read like a lonely hearts column - she likes walks along the beach, enjoys drawing and has a GSOH. She’s obsessive when it comes to analytics and is filled to the brim with ideas for our clients.

How to spot website traffic drops

Why does website traffic drop? How can you spot website traffic drops and react to them quickly? Our quick guide to Google Analytics Custom Alerts.

Why are title tags and meta descriptions important for SEO?

Title tags and meta descriptions are important because they’re typically the first encounter that a user has with your site when they perform a Google search. Having a compelling, well written meta title and description is informative for the user and can have a positive impact on the page’s click through rate (CTR).

How to configure Google Search Console data in Google Analytics

Configuring Google Search Console data in Google Analytics is quick and easy. Follow our step-by-step guide.

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