Gareth Vater

The legalities of owning a website

Whilst having your own website is easy, few site owners are aware that there are actually quite a few rules and regulations that they need to abide by if they are not going to get themselves into trouble.

The future of Internet Governance? It doesn't start here

Getting the train to Brighton everyday means you chat to a lot of people working in the digital world, after all, Brighton is the digital hub of the UK - don’t you know!Surprisingly, what the majority of my fellow digital workers...

Cookies giving the Cabinet Office indigestion

In a recent BBC Interview with the Cabinet Office a spokesperson revealed that many Government sites will not meet the 26th of May deadline when the amendment to the Privacy and Electronic Communications regulation comes into...

Release the Cookie Monster?

Release the Cookie Monster?

It’s unlikely you’ve been asked the above question before now or, at least, not on a regular basis. Come May 2012 however, the EU Cookie Directive could make this or similar questions a regular staple to our everyday web browsing.