Matt Keogh

Matt Keogh

Matt is focused on strategic vision and ensuring this is followed through to exquisite execution. Having been an award winning designer since 2001, he knows how to put the user first while building stakeholder alignment in order to deliver key objectives. It’s this passion for understanding people that enables him to design the best experiences for them. @matsaukeo

How to choose consistent brand colours? Should we be aiming for consistency across print and screens or choosing colours that work best for each?

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Browser screen shots taken on same screen but different browsers showing colour variations

Now that Sketch supports colour management, should we be turning on colour management? A dive into colour management, profiles and what this means for the web

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Hansel and Gretel used breadcrumbs to find their way out of the deep dark woods. But what if they’d have teleported straight to the witch's house?

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Why is colour so complicated?

After a recent deep-dive, I wanted to share a few of the more interesting points I picked up about colour and how it works between print and screen.

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Powerful new CSS advancements have resulted in a fundamental shift in what can be achieved efficiently. This affects everything from the ground up; from our design tools to our way of thinking.

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UXBrighton portfolio clinic follow up

A run down of common questions that we were asked at the recent UXBrighton portfolio clinic

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There are many things that on the surface might not seem important. It’s only by thinking about these on a daily basis that their significance becomes apparent.

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Another day, another award!

We’ve done it again! To go alongside our three Horizon awards we’ve also won two IMA best in class awards for our Barbican Insurance and Bellwood Prestbury websites.

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Concept before colour: How to make your website stand out from the crowd

Identifying a key message, or a story that we want to tell could be the difference between a forgettable website and one that is compelling, engaging and memorable.

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Avoiding issues with the fold

It's often argued that the fold doesn't exist but the reality is that clients still ask for content to be pushed up the page so it appears without scrolling down to it. In this article I suggest ways to stop this from ever becoming an issue. I also question whether these "issues" are mainly down to static mockups.

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