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Mish Maudsley

There are many effective ways of creating a great impact with your website. One of the most versatile and largely overlooked is Illustration. It is an incredibly effective tool in any designer and Art Directors toolkit, a whilst...

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We have been to some really great conferences recently and have noticed some recurring themes and messages coming through. Here are 5 creative tips that might help to improve your business.

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Whether you’re having a brand new logo designed for your business, or just refreshing the existing one, it can be a delicate operation indeed. The designer is employed to do the work, but it is a two way relationship and there are a number of things you can do as the client, to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

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It’s just letters on a screen right, what’s the big fuss? A wise man once said “95% of the information on the web is written language.” When you look at it in those terms, letters are the most vital ingredient of a website and the method we use to create them really does matter.

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TYPO3 v6.0 Update: A Designers Eye View

All of our websites here at Liquid Light are built using the powerful open source content management system, TYPO3. We have recently updated many of our client websites to the new version of TYPO3 v6.0 and have noticed quite a few...

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12th February 2013

Donation page design tips

An online donation page is one of the most crucial parts of any charity website. That said, it is surprising how often the donation page can end up feeling a bit like an afterthought. Here are some quick tips on how to improve the...

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Recent findings indicate that people are 67% more likely to make an online purchase if the website they’ve reached on their phone is smartphone-friendly. Liquid Light explores what this means for the future of online charity...

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Starting out with Social Media?

We are frequently asked by our clients, how they can use Social Media more effectively to raise awareness for their cause or business objective. Here's a quick Beginners Guide to help those that are starting out.

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More and more NGO's are realising the importance of Mobile and are embracing the new technologies that this platform allows. One recent notable development is the African Development Bank partnering up with Mobile Accord for the processing of mobile-based surveys throughout Africa using GeoPoll.

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How do web fonts work?
25th May 2012

How do web fonts work?

Times have changed on the web. Especially when it comes to choosing what fonts to use on your website.

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