Tamara Mansfield Kerr

Tamara Mansfield Kerr

Great examples of Social Media campaigns

Things have come along way with Social Media, and with so many channels to choose from. There are the more obvious mediums like Facebook and Twitter, to the more niche platforms like Pinterest and Vine, there are some great examples of organisations that are doing it really well.

Think email marketing is dead? Think again…

In recent years there has been so much focus on inbound marketing such as Social Media, that its very easy to forget the more traditional outbound marketing methods, like email. Email has been around for a long time (over 40 years), but using email for marketing purposes is still, and will continue to be a big part of most organisations marketing mix.

Outsourcing – friend or foe?

Web agencies are frequently at the forefront of outsourcing, they are an obvious area to outsource. Often organisations don’t have the skill, time or the resources to design, build and/or maintain a website. But what do you think when you hear the term outsourcing? Many people instantly imagine negative results, my question is... is outsourcing really so wonderful or indeed so bad?

Social Media - You’re tweeting but is anyone listening?

Most organisations are investing in social media to some extent or another.  For some it’s the occasional tweet or Facebook update, for others, in-depth, cross-channel marketing campaigns, using a whole variety of social media tools.  But the same question applies to both - is anyone listening?  And if so, how do you know?

Marketing Trends

Marketing is crucial to any organisation and Internet marketing should be part of any marketing mix. There aren’t many marketing channels with the speed, efficiency and reach of the internet.

When planning your marketing strategy...

Is your head in the cloud?

It’s the buzzword of the moment but what does the cloud really mean to those of us who don’t converse in techno speak or run vast IT empires? Should we really care about it?

Is Marketing fluff?

Is Marketing fluff?

Is marketing a ‘nice to have’ or is it business ‘critical’? Does it mean playing around on Twitter and LinkedIn all day or building a communications strategy for success? I guess the real question should be … ’is Marketing all fluff?’

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