How big should the logo be on my website?

Written by Will Chidlow on 15th July 2016

(Last updated 5th January 2017)

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A topic of conversation that often arises within our office, and when talking to clients, is “How big should the logo be on a website?” To answer this question I decided to do a bit of research and compare the website logo sizes of several well-known brands.

In the graphic below I have collated the website headers and logos of 65 household names.The results are varied but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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If you are viewing this image on a screen that is smaller than the width of the image do bear in mind that it will not be an accurate representation of the logo sizes.

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Without a doubt, an interesting array of logos. Certainly we can all draw our own conclusions.; but what are yours? I would be genuinely interested to know how you, as a fellow design professional, view the use of logo design on the web and communicate this to clients. Certainly, clients always expect their logo to dominate the design but explaining to them that the logos of major brands are often a third of the size meets with blank stares. We would all like to think that the answer lies in client education. The problem is that clients don't come to be educated, they come to have their problems solved.

Andrew Leeds burton18/09/2016 10:32

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