Animas Life Coaching School

Animas Coaching, established in 2008, train over 500 coaches per year across London and Edinburgh. With a school recently opening in Berlin, Animas has expanded to become an international brand, and have cemented themselves as one of the UK’s leading coaching schools.

The Challenge

Animas came to us looking for a bespoke design and website rebuild that would reflect their position as market leaders in the life coaching space.

Animas wanted a striking design that would lift them from the crowd, improved user journeys to their course pages and a rework of their knowledge base, to position them as thought leaders.

The Process

A big part of this project was the design. By using styletiles (or moodboards) we were able to rapidly iterate through several rounds of design ideas. By using this technique we were able to quickly rejected concepts, learn and move on without burning through the budget. We could test several approaches at once, compare and contrast until we came up with an approach that Animas were happy for us to develop into detailed page designs.

Leveraging Knowledge

Animas generate a lot of great content - video talks, interviews with industry experts and faculty, podcasts, long-form articles and regular blog posts. A challenge we had was to surface this content throughout the site.

We made sure that pages never had a dead end. All pages feature a ‘where to next’ section after the main page content. This ‘Where to next?’ section routed users to other parts of the Animas knowledge base. We also created a Knowledge landing page that features routing to all the different content types within the knowledge base, and we made sure that content was cross-posted: Visitors viewing a video talk would see routing to content from other content types, making sure visitors were aware of the breadth of content Animas had to offer.

The Result

We gave Animas a minimal, clean, almost brutalist design, based around strong typography, white space and a 'broken grid'. Clear routing to contextually relevant video and long form written content was availble on every page. Course pages were streamlined with improved calls to action. On launch the site scored in the high nineties across the board on Googles Lighthouse performance ranking tool.