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Bellwood Prestbury is a leading global insurance specialist, arranging high-risk, tailored, complex insurance cover for companies and organisations throughout the world.

Having recently become a Lloyds registered broker, enabling them to provide highly tailored solutions, Bellwood Prestbury tasked Liquid Light with updating the website to reflect this prestigious status. Another major objective for the website was to move away from the personal insurance market, however, as a hugely successful and already well established business, we needed to be careful that any change didn’t alienate the existing client base. We were well placed to understand the shift in position, having worked with Bellwood Prestbury since 2009.

Brand positioning

Visually, we knew we wanted to move towards a more premium space. In order to give us a tangible reference we produced a set of style tiles, each exploring where to push the site. This kept the process flexible and rapid, which allowed us to experiment without the need to design an entire site at once.

Initially, our ideas for messaging and content focused on Bellwood Prestbury offering high risk insurance. Although this is obviously a key feature of their business, we felt that other features needed to be highlighted in order to set them apart from other insurers. A key USP is that they can offer complex, highly tailored solutions. This service-orientated side to their business therefore needed pushing through, just as much as the core offering.

To get this across, we created two main sections for the site: “Your challenges” and “Our Solutions”. The first gave a space for Bellwood to talk about the challenges their clients faced – which could be global, sectorial or a specific issue with contracts. This is directly cross-linked to the second section, highlighting solutions that Bellwood already have the experience of providing.

Bellwood already produced a bi-annual print magazine that’s packed full of industry insights. Although this is useful to hand out to clients, we felt that a huge opportunity was being missed. By making these insights part of the site, we could position Bellwood as thought leaders and convey their expertise. This is ‘context aware’ so only relevant insights are pulled into the pages that the the customer is interested in.

The Result

Overall the result is that Bellwood Prestbury have a website that visually suits their persona, provides engaging and useful content targeted at their customers, and will generate quality leads while filtering out business that is no longer part of their focus.

As with all the website’s that we build in house, content is easy to manage using an enterprise level CMS, enabling Bellwood Prestbury to add to the site without needing us to manage it for them.

Award Winning

Bellwood Prestbury was awarded a Gold W3 Award, a Distinction from the Communicator Awards along with a Silver Horizon Award in the Bank / Finance category.

We have been working with Liquid Light for over 9 years and it's always been a very good working relationship. Liquid Light are very good at what they do.

Alan Thompson, Director

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