After 35 years in the business, BuroHappold is one of the largest and most experienced engineering firms in the world. With 1,400 staff and 52 partners in 29 offices situated around the globe, their vast portfolio includes buildings and projects across all engineering sectors.

The Brief

  • Integrate an entirely new brand identity into the existing site
  • Simplify and clean up existing content architecture
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Build and define brand identity
  • Differentiate company in a competitive environment
  • Clearly explain what BuroHappold really offers (full breadth)
  • Focus the website on client sectors - align with the client’s world
  • Focus on problems solved and benefits to end clients
  • Help develop relationships with clients – proximity in their sectors
  • Present projects in a far more dynamic manner
  • Position BuroHappold as thought leaders
  • Promote their people / expert opinion
  • Help recruit the best people – a place to aspire to work
  • Promote social impact of what BuroHappold does

The Challenge

In November 2010 when BuroHappold approached Liquid Light to plan, design and produce their new site, much had changed online since the original site was published in 2005. Part of the challenge lay in creating a site that would both define and bring the BuroHappold brand up to date.

It was immediately clear that they wanted a very bold and different site from from their competitors as well as a site that challenge their own and their client's expectations. Part of the marketing strategy was also align themselves more with their client's by focusing on key sectors as well as the more traditional disciplines.

More recently (2014) - we were asked to integrate and launch an entirely new brand for BuroHappold to the existing site, featuring an entirely new logo, new typography and brand new colour scheme. Whilst working on this process we also asked to simplifying and improve the website’s information architecture.

The Result

Whilst the original redesign provided a much more tangible brand experience helping BuroHappold to improve its differentiation and marketing, more recently BuroHappold has undertaken a rebrand. The application of the new branding to the website obviously introduced the new colours and typography, presenting a cleaner and more minimal visual persona without requiring the website to be rebuilt. However a number of more specific updates were made to the website:

  • A sectorial approach was introduced, providing a more relevant journey for visitors whilst also allowing more cross sell of services, as traditionally this had been very siloed.
  • An improved experience within mobile responsive environments, enhanced through streamlined navigation and innovative content layouts.
  • Using the website architecture to help promote the project success as well as the expert knowledge within BuroHappold, resulting in not only an increase in relevant content within the website, but a cultural change where knowledge leaders felt empowered to share their expertise internally and externally.
  • Whilst case studies are to be expected, they can become stayed and boring. The 'hero' case studies challenged the standardised format of case studies, creating much more dynamic presentation of the work BuroHappold does. This allowed key benefits, facts, and details to be highlighted in a visually engaging manner.
  • The introduction of a powerful SORL based search allowed for faceted search with filtering by sector, country and topic, ensuring visitors could better find what they were looking for.
  • A multi-lingual CMS platform, based on the TYPO3 CMS, allowing BuroHappold to market its services internationally and to better communicate with key audience groups in their own languages. The new CMS increase website uptime, whilst reducing operational costs by over 70%.

Whilst much can be said of individual features and functions, the real results are how this translates to visitor and their online behaviour. Whilst we have seen a 70% increase in visitor numbers since the last significant development phase (which is great news), we have also seen a 134% increase in page views as visitors engage with the websites content exploring BuroHappold's services, knowledge and insight.

The end result promotes the experience and understanding, the innovation and excitement of BuroHappold.

This project has since been awarded three awards: 

  • Horizon Interactive Awards - Gold Award under the Engineering category
  • Communicator Awards - Award of Excellence under the Construction category
  • W3 Awards - Silver Award under the Construction category

BuroHappold were also Official Honorees of the 16th Annual Webby Awards.

“Superb! Thanks for all your hard work over the past 9 months and superhuman efforts in the final sprint to the tape. You've created a website we can be proud of.”

Dominic Danson, BuroHappold