A leading oncology clinic based in Turkey, Chemothermia was founded in 2010 by two of the most experienced medical oncologists in the world.

Having asked us to improve the experience of their current website, our first task was to perform a detailed website audit in order to create an actionable list of recommendations. One of the main points we made was that the existing Chemothermia website made it difficult for users to trust it. In part, this was due to inappropriate visual design choices that set the wrong tone, irrelevant news articles and untrustworthy-looking UI elements such as 3rd party contact forms. Conveying a feeling of trust is obviously extremely important when dealing with medical issues. This is especially true for a clinic based in Turkey where the vast majority of patients are from overseas.

Brand positioning

With a tight budget we tailored our usual brand process into an ultralight version.

Firstly we collaborated with Chemothermia to define positioning using a matrix of different tangents such as "Things are serious" vs "Don't worry everything is fine". By discussing where Chemothermia should sit on each of these tangents, we gained a clear direction for the website that would feed into its tone of voice and messaging as well as giving us the insight needed to explore what this meant visually.


The next part of the branding process focused specifically on defining messaging and content strategy. To do this we created a grid displaying eight different messaging themes to discuss and build upon with the client. Although each theme was relevant, by concentrating on one or two we could we could push a core message without diluting it.


It was important for us to understand which images best represented the client. For example, we could provide calming abstract photos, show real patients and doctors at work, hospital views or hone in on family themes. We agreed with Chemothermia that images of patients and doctors were most appropriate as they work well to put the patients minds at ease.


Visual identity

Style tiles are a deliverable that enable us to explore the look and feel before the more time-consuming key screen design phase begins. These include samples of imagery, UI (User interface) elements such as buttons & forms, as well as colour choices and messaging examples.

The chosen style tile can be seen below. The colour choice of light purple works well to provide a premium yet softer, approachable feel. We’ve balanced this with serif fonts, conveying a more formal and serious side.

During the style tile phase we created a new logo. To fit in with our overall theme of putting patients needs first and showing how much the clinic cares for them, we've utilised a heart as the logo mark.


We understand that due to budget constraints, it's not always possible to run a full brand process. However by tailoring our process to the client we were still able to create a strong design with clear messaging, tone of voice and a visual identity that supports it. Chemothermia loved the new design and felt it was perfect for their patients. Involving the client as much as possible in these early stages meant that they felt invested in the decision making process and were pleased with the result.

Working with Liquid Light has been a genuine pleasure. They took great trouble to understand what the website needed to achieve and then worked closely together with us to ensure it delivered on those goals.

Martin Powell