FigFlex Offices

Reimagining office space

The challenges

Having already had a similar venture not perform how they wanted, they came to Liquid Light to ensure that the newly created brand would be expanded successfully in the digital space.
As we’ve designed brand strategies and collateral for other clients, we know that it is crucial to keep the branding and messages consistent to better represent brand identity on the website. This was also key to ensure that FigFlex stood out from the increasing number of competitors.

Therefore we needed to create a website that is not only visually engaging but also dramatically increased its search discoverability.

Planning & Strategy

Using virtual whiteboards, we started off with our discovery workshop to gain a deep understanding of their business objectives, visitor needs and to dig into the unique selling points that would differentiate their brand.

We identified the target audience and key business goals, and using this information we designed optimised user journeys putting appropriate content and messaging in front of the key audience.

Design process

With a bold new identity, it was important for us to design an experience that pushed this into the online space by considering the user interactions, animations and clear journeys, all while keeping the design accessible for screen reading devices.

We created various homepage designs and tested user journeys carefully on multiple devices to make sure that all targets and goals can be tracked and optimised over time.

Development & Optimisation

FigFlex is an ambitious organisation and intends to grow their business and number of locations. They needed a CMS that would be able to scale with it.

Our CMS of choice, TYPO3, is a flexible enterprise-class website, with a host of rich features, designed for larger, more complex organisations, so this was a perfect choice for a growing business. 

We built a suit of layout components which can be dragged and dropped to arrange pages. This will allow FigFlex to create new content rich landing pages and edit content effortlessly themselves.

From a marketing point of view it’s essential to track how much traffic and inquiries they get via the website. We achieved this by adding custom Google tags which we can use to monitor traffic. Business enquiries can be made using a simple, yet comprehensive form.

Animation & Transition

We added subtle animations and transitions in various places. The aim of this was not only to grab the users attention, but to also increase engagement and differentiate them in a competitive market. Care has to be taken to avoid slowing down the site and overwhelming the user with this. We also exported an animated logo for FigFlex to use in their own promotional material such as social media and video stings.

The Result

We delivered a responsive, dynamic and modern website that pushes FigFlex’s bold new identity and delivers the key goal of differentiating them in a competitive space. The website has been built in such a way as to ensure it will scale with them as they open more offices and add new and rich content to the site.

Users on mobile devices will have a frictionless experience, allowing FigFlex to broadcast their messaging to people on-the-go. As FigFlex continues to grow their business, the website sees its content expand and traffic increase. Two more office locations have since been opened, and more are to come.

The new website saw a 376% increase in traffic in the first 6 months since launch compared to the previous 6 months compared to their previous venture.