Hellenic War Risk

Hellenic War Risks is the undisputed leading provider of War Risk insurance to the Greek shipping industry. The club insures a fleet of more than 2,250 vessels valued at over £50bn — more than 70% of eligible Greek-controlled ships. War risk insurance is a specialist class of insurance, which is required when ships enter more dangerous areas (Coast of Somalia etc), where their existing insurance policies would no longer provide cover.

The Brief

Considering the different audience groups as well as the various sales and support channels, the website redesign needed to improve the positioning of Hellenic War Risk, establishing a sense of Greek identity, whilst also improving how HWR connected with brokers and supported them in their sales activities.

The website also needed to support customers/members, helping them to add additional AP insurance and whilst also providing support and information to members.

The Challenge

Due to the niche nature of this insurance product, it was never going to be a retail orientated project with a simple "Buy Now" button – the communication needs with brokers were always going to be a little more subtle and this created its own set of challenges.

The other challenge was the visual positioning, where we were tasked with presenting Hellenic War Risk as a Greek organization, without falling into clichés’ and obvious metaphors.

The Result

The new website simplifies the visitor experience, helping brokers and members to find the information they need.

From a visual perspective, the design avoids the overuse of clichéd images such as ships floating on calm waters or pirates on skiffs, exuding a bold graphic design which very much highlights the Greek nature of the business, in a vibrant and striking manner.

From a technical perspective:

  • The website is powered by the enterprise class content management system TYPO3 CMS, which enables the team to manage all aspects of the website content.
  • Is fully mobile responsive, providing an optimized display across devices (desktop, tablets & mobile).

The search engine ranking has since launch improved dramatically – 3rd position for "War Risk.

Ultimately the new website is more focused around Hellenic’s unique selling points, ensuring Hellenics War Risk is better able to market itself to brokers and clients.

We are absolutely delighted with the new website – has really improved our sales ability

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