ITIC: Professional Indemnity Insurance for Transport

Insurance, Design, UX, Development

The Brief

Whilst the ITIC website contained a wealth of valuable content, over time this had become bloated and disorganised, turning a strength (lots of content) into a weakness as it was awkward and no longer offered an intuitive experience.

Our brief was not only to re-organise the website structure, improving the user experience, but also to work on refining their positioning in the market place, helping to differentiate ITIC from other professional indemnity providers.

Above: Our sitemap process allowed us to quickly iterate through different structures for the website

The Challenge

The key challenge in this project was to simplify the users ability to access a lot of information and resources, re-arranging the existing content and taxonomies into a simpler and more intuitive structure. Whilst in principal this is simple, it is always more challenging when dealing with larger databases of existing content with legacy meta data and categorisation.

The other challenge was to work with ITIC to develop a marketing angle, pushing ITIC out of their traditional mode image world of ships, trucks and planes into something a little more differentiating and playful - this journey explored many different avenues, ensuring we had a focus for ongoing marketing activities.

The final challenge was re-building the ITIC website within a multi-site CMS framework which runs over 20 other Thomas Miller company websites. It was therefore imperative that we were able to manage multiple web teams and ensure as little disruption as possible. 

Above: A selection of mood-boards each showing a different concept direction

The Result

The relaunch of the website has introduced a dramatically simplified information architecture, reducing and focusing the user’s journey into the support and knowledge resources.

From a  design perspective, the website’s look and feel has been refreshed to fit-in with its sister companies, whilst ensuring it retains their own unique visual identity.

From a marketing perspective, we have introduced a theme based on ‘because everyone makes mistakes’, which is complimented with a playful (sometimes humorous) set of images of every day miss-adventure, helping ITIC pull away form their more generic image-world of planes, trains and automobiles. Ultimately this can be used, not only as a memorable introduction into ITIC, but as the spearhead of a marketing campaign (post cards, posters, adverts etc) targeting ITIC’s broker channels.

The success of ITIC’s marketing has enabled ITIC to target more countries and regions, with us now offering a multi-lingual website in English, French, Spanish and German languages.

Since working with ITIC, we have seen over a 95% increase in unique visitor numbers, with over a 75% increase in user sessions. This is combined with a 26% reduction in bounce rates and a 27% reduction in page views per session highlights the effectiveness of the new website.

From an SEO perspective ITIC’s rankings have improved dramatically, now ranking No1 for a range of key terms such as ‘transport indemnity insurance’, ‘aviation indemnity insurance’, ‘railway professional indemnity insurance’ etc, with other key terms rising up the rankings.

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