ITOPF are the leading not-for-profit marine ship pollution response organisation, established in 1968 to help ensure that oil spills are cleaned up quickly and effectively. The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) has responded to over 700 incidents involving oil or chemical spills worldwide. As well as spill response, they offer Claims analysis & damage assessments, contingency planning, training and information to their Members

The Brief

  • To redesign the ITOPF website, improving the visual presentation of the organisation, with the aim to modernise ITOPF’s visual persona.
  • To re architect the content structure of the website, making sure the wealth of information and resources can easily be found and navigated.
  • To ensure the website is designed to be responsive, improving the display across a wide range of devices.
  • To provide a simple and intuitive CMS platform, allowing ITOPF to manage all their content.

The Challenge

The real challenge with this project was to restructure a relatively complex content structure, which had grown and evolved over time. 

Whilst in theory this is a relatively straightforward IA/UX process, years of becoming used to certain ways of doing things meant that the organisation were relatively fixed and stuck in certain processes and terminologies; requiring a more complex IA/UX process.

The Result

The new website dramatically modernises and revitalises the visual presentation of ITOPF, ensuring they are seen in a more transparent and engaging manner.

The implementation of responsive templates provides visitors with an improved experience across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

From a management perspective the client is able to look after all aspects of the website using the open source content management system - TYPO3 CMS, which provides enterprise class capacities in a cost effective manner.

Ultimately the website improves ITOPF’s members ability to find information and services offered by ITOPF, helping them to achieve their manage of helping members reduce, potential spills and manage incidents better.