MDHUB is a premier, peer-to-peer business growth network for Managing Directors and Senior Board Directors in the south of England. They provide networking workgroups, a leadership and development programme, and information from inside and outside the MDHUB.

The Brief

  • To totally re-design and build the MDHUB website, incorporating their newly established brand.
  • To enable the site to be used as a marketing tool for prospective members.
  • To significantly simplify their messaging and services from their previous website.
  • To ensure that the site is built to accommodate future expansion
  • To find a balance between using the site as a marketing tool whilst still supporting existing members.
  • For the website to be fully responsive with the ability to be accessed from mobile devices.

The Challenge

  • Making sure not to alienate two distinct user groups by leveraging existing members as a knowledge base, while still enabling MDHUB to use the site as a marketing tool to promote their services to prospective members.
  • Defining USPs of MDHUB and looking at ways to communicate this to their prospective members.
  • Brand continuity - ensuring MDHUB‘s offering online mirrors their offline branding.
  • There was a large amount of information that needed to be included within the site. Utilising a knowledge repository and advanced filters allowed content to be shown in a concise and uncluttered manner.

The Result

We've created a clean, simple and distinctive responsive website, which builds upon their newly established brand and finds the careful balance between supporting existing members and promoting their services to new recruits.

The MDHUB Website won ‘Best in Class’ Interactive Media Award (IMA), this is the highest honour bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards, and it has won a Silver Horizon Interactive Award.