Mistreatment.com are a medical negligence claims company, who specialise in helping individuals get justice for negligent medical procedures.

The Brief

Mistreatment.com are a medical negligence claims company, who specialise in helping individuals get justice for negligent medical procedures.

As a new company, the brief was to develop a unique visual identity (logo and brand), and ultimately to develop a website which would become the central pillar of their marketing and communications activities.

Ultimately we needed to create a brand that felt fresh, friendly and approachable but also oozed experience and expertise.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge in this project was to create a unique brand proposition which, differentiated Mistreamtment.com from many of the 'ambulance chasing' no win no fee type of companies which already saturate the market.

Here we needed to strike the balance between positioning Mistreatment as a legal firm with the serious and professional services persona, whilst at the same time making sure the brand was consumer focused and attention grabbing.

From an information architecture perspective, we needed to structure the website so that it felt simple and easy to use, allowing the visitor to seamlessly use either a Mobile device or a desktop.

The Result

Following on from discovery workshops, where we listened to the clients views regarding the market place and target customer groups, we used a combination of mood-boards to define a unique visual persona. This gave us a clear direction on the look and feel for both the logo and the website.

The logo design process explored different uses of the yellow and icons/devices. Also fine tuning the font choice down to a Slab Serif that struck the balance between approachable/friendliness and trustworthiness. The website echoed the same feel as the logo using the fresh yellow in just the right amounts along side beautiful case study photography and more subtle greys.

The final website is a fully responsive experience combining a fresh and vibrant visual persona with elegant yet bold typography. Photographically we opted for a very personal style of imagery that helps visitors connect with Mistreatment.com.

From a technical perspective, the website is powered by an enterprise class CMS platform TYPO3 CMS offering the benefits of and open source CMS, whilst providing a very powerful feature set. An extension was created to integrate TYPO3 CMS with Microsoft CRM allowing the website to integrate into internal workflows and data capture procedures.

Mistreatment.com has won two 'Best in Class' Interactive Media Awards (IMA) for both Legal and Consumer Services and a Gold Horizon Interactive Award.

Liquid Light provided a meticulous, continuing and thorough web processing initiative at all stages of consultancy. Available to deal with enquiries on an on-going basis, the team at Liquid Light provided a friendly, dedicated and hands on approach to design and we were very satisfied with the work completed.

Saurav Dutt - Mistreatment.com

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