Odgers Berndtson Intranet

Odgers Berndtson is one of the world’s largest Executive Search firms with annual revenues of US$224 million. The group has over 200 partners supported by more than 300 consultants and researchers in 27 countries worldwide.

The Brief

Liquid Light has worked closely with Odgers Berndtson for over 9 years. During this period, we’ve designed, built and provided ongoing support for their Group site, 12 regional, multi-lingual websites as well as 2 sister brand UK websites. We’ve facilitated and supported the Group to anticipate, adapt and respond to the ever-changing way that digital is affecting and forcing change in the Executive Search industry.

With this particular project, Odgers asked us to help them plan and design their new internal Intranet - a tool that will help them work far more collaboratively and seamlessly across international offices/locations, helping to improve group level knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The Challenge

In this particular case, Odgers were keen to built the intranet in-house, however, this project needed to be built to a particularly accelerated timeframe, so in order to speed the process up Odgers invited Liquid Light to use our already in-depth understanding of the company and how it operates to come up with an entirely new group-level architecture that could provide the group with a strong long term foundation on which to build on. We were also asked to implement an entirely new design and user interface for the Intranet.

From an IA perspective, we needed to come up with a structure that, whilst simple and easy to navigate, also needed to engage with users - keeping them up to date and engaged with the group’s activities, news and performance.

The site needed to look, modern, on brand, easy and inviting to use without getting boring for people who will be accessing on on a daily basis. Oh and it also need to consider a significant level of user personalisation (content, functionality as well as imagery). We had just 8 weeks to complete a full discovery, IA, Design and Template build process.

Our Process

We kicked the project off by running a top level discovery meeting to review the existing intranets whilst also conducting top level content strategy workshops to identify user journeys, content types and key functionality.

What followed was a number of fast paced, iterative sitemaps, followed by top level responsive wireframes which were then refined into far more detailed wireframes. Alongside this we started to work on style tiles to identify the start of a new on brand look and feel.

These were then refined further to come up with a selection of screen mock ups - once a final design was selected, we started to build a fully documented, cross platform and responsive Pattern Library which would enable Odger’s dev team to start integrating the new design into their build process with all the front end code and assets they needed.

The Results

The entire first build of the intranet was conceived, agreed, designed and built in less than 12 weeks. Many projects of this nature can take that long in planning alone, however our in-depth knowledge of the organisation (on both local and international levels) and our experience of building intranets for other clients meant we were able to take the steering committee through a focused journey, establishing the key decisions required to realise this project.