Odgers Berndtson

Odgers Berndtson are one of the world's leading Executive Search firms who specialise in providing exceptional talent to lead and direct the most successful organisations on the planet. Founded in 1965, the group now has 190 partners in more than 50 offices worldwide, and revenues in excess of $180 million.

The Brief

Liquid Light have had a long working relationship with Odgers Berndtson for many years. We were appointed to redesign and develop their existing global website to accurately reflect the company’s position as a world leader in the executive search industry, whilst at the same time efficiently routing visitors to the appropriate regional office websites.

Unique among the top six retained executive search practices worldwide, Odgers Berndtson works on a partnership model, with each country practice independently owned by its management. Whilst this infrastructure offers many benefits to its clients, it is a more complex proposition to market as each country is essentially a separate company with its own ideas and specialisms.

The Challenge

The key challenge of the redesign therefore was to communicate these benefits, whilst respecting and addressing the individual Marketing & Communications needs of each regional partner company.

In order to achieve this, Liquid Light adopted its process called ‘Strategic Content Profiling’, a system which ensures the needs of all the potential audiences of a website are met. In this case, it involved meeting MDs all around the world, before developing the architecture or creating content.

The Result

A stylish and very effective group site, that brings together the strengths of each individual region. The site lays the foundation for a more comprehensive framework, allowing each region or country to create its own local site within the global content management system - enabling them to regionally market their services - whilst benefiting from a global marketing strategy and brand identity.

The entire framework is based on the highly acclaimed open source content management system TYPO3, which offers Odgers Berndtson a flexible, multi-user, multi-site web content delivery platform.

Since its launch in March 2007, the group site has won two major Interactive Media AwardsTM (IMA) including ‘Best in Class’ for a Business to Business site, and ‘Best in Class’ in the Employment category – the highest honour bestowed by the IMA.

With 50 offices in 37 countries around the globe, creating a global website that is both informative and effective is a challenge – feedback from our clients and consultants agree with the IMA judges that this new site is a credit to the organisation.

Robin Balfour - Group Marketing and Communications Manager for Odgers Berndston