Insurance, Design, UX, Development

Strategy & Planning

Liquid Light were asked to design, plan and build a new website for Sutton Winson that would better represent them as a business and provide a scalable and comprehensive guide to their offering and services.

By conducting a series of workshops with key stakeholders we were able to understand what makes Sutton Winson stand out from their competitors and how best to communicate their USP’s throughout the new website. 

The team at Sutton Winson were really engaged throughout this process, not only bringing essential industry knowledge to the table but also a very clear focus on customer service. It became clear that this would be a key message to communicate throughout the final product.

Whilst our remit for the project did not include any brand work, the team at Sutton Winson were keen to evolve and modernise the visual identity of the company, with a view that the new website could help influence their future marketing and print design.


The existing website had grown with the company over time and it became apparent that its structure no longer supported the vast offering of products and expertise Sutton Winson has to offer, making it difficult to navigate. 

We started over from the ground up, creating a new site structure that was easy to navigate but would still support further expansion over time. Sectors and products were separated into sections within the site to further aid in communicating the company's strengths.

Visual Design

To effectively explore the modernisation of Sutton Winson's brand, whilst also creating a cohesive message for the website, we separated our exploration into two tasks: visual style and concept development. 

We used style tiles not only to test Sutton Winson's appetite for change visually but also as a way for us to quickly explore different approaches that could work for the client. Simultaneously we created a range of concept boards, exploring key messaging options with various supporting image styles. 

Separating these conversations allowed the team at Sutton Winson (and us!) to focus on each element without distraction, ensuring conversations and feedback remained focused on the specific challenge at hand.

Once decisions were reached we were able to enter the final design phase of the project with some very clear messaging, look and feel preferences, and image styles already taking shape.

Development & Optimisation

Built with TYPO3, an enterprise level content management system, the new site is completely editable by the team at Sutton Winson. Custom plugins allow site administrators to effectively manage content throughout the site with extensive categorisation, further easing the burden to keeping a large site up to date.

Sutton Winson also work in partnership with other companies, They offer co-branded insurance schemes, each of which have their own microsite. We were able to implement a simple and scalable approach allowing microsites to be co-branded and personalised whilst still maintaining the look and feel of their parent website.

As with all of our projects, great performance is a high priority. We use clean, semantic and fast loading code, and ensure our sites are optimised for great user experience as well as search engine optimisation. 

Performance results

  • Website load time reduced from 2.49 seconds to 654 milliseconds
  • Total web requests reduced from 47 to 25
  • Page size reduced from 1.3MB to 318kB
  • The new website is faster that 95% of tested websites.

The Result

The finished product is a modern and clean website, with strong messaging throughout to communicate Sutton Winson's core values. Content is well organised, in manageable chunks and easy to navigate throughout.

The new website is fast and ready to expand as the company grows. The design and messaging work together to differentiate Sutton Winson from their competitors and reinforce the strong range of services on offer.