The Health Data Collaborative

The Health Data Collaborative is a global network of UN agencies, philanthropies, civil society and aid organisations, academics and companies working together in support of country-led health data systems. Their collective action is anchored by national plans to improve the quality of health data around the world.

The Brief

The newly formed Health Data Collaborative approached Liquid Light with a need to quickly establish an online presence in time for their official launch event. Further to this the website needed be flexible enough to grow with the organisation over time and support the ongoing marketing activity at any given time. The collaborative also had no fixed visual identity other than a logo so we were tasked with creating a website that could also act as a base for the future persona of the organisation.

The Challenge

As a young initiative there was not a rich history of content to utilise but the website still needed to convey the breadth of the project. The collaborative had outlined a rough idea of the content they would eventually need. Our challenge was to create a design that was scalable, ensuring a layout and navigation that works just as well with only a few pages as it does with many.

By enlisting the support of a dedicated content writer from the very beginning of the project we were able to quickly create a realistic content outline and roadmap future requirements. This approach allowed for us to build a solid foundation, already capable of supporting a much larger website, ensuring that whilst the site was compact for its launch, it is already well prepared for future growth. 

The Result

By using our preferred content management system, Typo3, we were not only able to create a competent site for the collaborations launch but ensure that the site has plenty of room to grow as the organisation has more content to share.

We outlined a content plan early on so while we moved on to a style tile process to define an identity the content writer was able to get started on writing content. The finished product is a vibrant and informative website that outlines the goals of the collaboration and will become an important place for stakeholders to gather and share information.

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