The Journal of Chinese Medicine (JCM)

The Journal of Chinese Medicine (JCM) is the foremost English language publication devoted to the whole field of traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Brief

JCM originally asked Liquid Light to redesign and redevelop an new e-Commerce website that supported and promoted the Journal of Chinese Medicine. The website needed to provide a number of e-Shops where students, practitioners and the general public could purchase a wide variety of related products.

Five years on and JCM approached Liquid Light for a rebuild of their site, in order to refresh the look and feel as well as to provide them with a more flexible and powerful content management system and e-commerce platform. 

Key to this projects brief was to instil a trust relationship with JCM's customers, without overdoing the sell - subtle and convenience were key factors in usability.

The Challenge

The main challenge for the development team involved combining two complex platforms (e-commerce and content management) to create a more powerful platform.

Magento, which is a powerful e-commerce platform, unfortunately has basic content management capabilities, however TYPO3, which is a very powerful content management platform, unfortunately does not offer the eCommerce capabilities found in Magento - combining the two platforms using TypoGento offers the best of both worlds.

The result is a powerful platform which can cater to the complex needs of such a site.

The Result

The result is a cleaner and more friendly site, enticing users to explore the wealth of content and information, as well as the Journal of Chinese Medicine's product catalogues.

The user experience is simplified and makes finding a single item amongst a large database of information effortless. Users are now able to easily view their journal subscription online instead of previously receiving a CD-ROM with content - speeding up the process and easing the workload on JCM's part.

JCM has won an Outstanding Achievement Interactive Media Award (IMA) and been awarded a Distinction from the Communicator Awards, both under the Health category.

Finn Taylor, one of the Directors at Liquid Light, commented "JCM are a lovely group of people to work with and it has been a pleasure to work with them again. It has been fascinating learning about the knowledge complexity of Chinese Medicine".


Working with Liquid Light we have been impressed with their professionalism and ability to grasp the fundamentals of a very complicated brief. The end result has surpassed our expectations. When there have been problems Liquid Light have always been there to resolve them and the response from our customers has been uniformly favourable.

Martin Powell - JCM

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