UK Defence

With over 125 years of heritage and 3,550 ships covered, The UK Defence Club is the leading provider of legal cost insurance cover for the maritime sector. The UK Defence Club has supported high profile claims that have become landmark cases, influencing the entire industry.

The Brief

Whilst the brief was quite simple - to redesign the UK Defence website which had become both dated and stale, the more important aspect of this project was to help reposition the UK Defence club and to really support its sales and marketing actives to both its broker channels as well as direct clients.

The new website needed to promote UK Defence as the leading provider, setting it apart from the low cost operators who have commoditised this space.

The Challenge

The key challenge with this project was driven by the fact that legal defence cover is often a bolt onto the primary ship hull or P&I cover, effectively negating the requirement.

Highlighting this fallacy, as low cost bolt-ons rarely live up to expectation was not straightforward as the differentiation exists in as subtleties within contracts.

The key challenge was therefore to emphasis and promote the advantages of using the UK Defence Clubs dedicated legal defence cover compared to the cheaper but less comprehensive alternatives, highlighted the added value offered by the UK Defence club.

The Result

The new website offers a fresh and elegant propositioning, differentiating UK Defence from competitors.

The refined content and messaging ensures key audience groups are engaged with appropriate messaging helping brokers/clients to understand the benefits of dedicated legal defence cover and a stronger call to action is provided.

The website is powered by the enterprise class content management system TYPO3 CMS, which enables the team to manage all aspects of the website content and keep the content fresh and up to date.

With a fully responsive design, the website is a pleasure to use on mobile and tablet devices which is highly useful where users may be on a ship or not using a desktop computer. Having a responsive/mobile friendly website is something that Google is now checking for so this will help increase search engine visibility.

The result is a clean, distinctive and modern website that is well structured, easy to navigate and allows UKDC to market itself to brokers and clients.

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