Brand Identity & Development

Working with organisations on their positioning and messaging is at the core of what we do, and the processes involved with our brand development deliver targeted strategy and beautifully designed creative solutions.

Help people understand how your organisation aligns with their values

The process of branding can be reduced to a simple proposition: It is the process of defining your focus; who you are, what makes you different, and what unique values you represent. We’ve successfully guided numerous organisations to pinpoint this, aligning the most diverse stakeholders around a clear unified vision.

Once the focus is established we take responsibility for setting creative direction. We turn creative ideas into reality that capture attention, spark curiosity and drive engagement.

Every project is unique, but we’ve learned over the years the key ingredients for a successful process. We facilitate multi-stakeholder workshops and surveys to capture diverse perspectives. Our engaging exercises are designed to tease out the most effective ideas. We show people tangible examples such as mood-boards to spark robust discussion. And we visualise the brand’s presence in the world to give a solid reference point for all stakeholders ahead of activation.

Typical activities

Our brand process can either fit into our full project cycle, or can be a stand-alone piece of work providing clear guidelines for implementation, particularly useful if you need a strategy that you plan to implement independently.

  • Campaigns and advocacy
  • Brand strategy development
  • Brand activation
  • Corporate identity design including logos
  • Video, motion and visual design
  • Guidelines and brand guardianship

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