Brand Identity & Development

The process of branding can be reduced to a simple proposition: It is the process of defining your focus; who you are, what makes you different, and what unique values you offer. We’ve helped many an organisation define this focus, creating frameworks for them that can be shared to inspire and align people. 

Once the focus is clearly defined we set the creative direction, delivering creative ideas into the real world, breathing life into new and existing brands as well as influencing the target audience.

Services may include: Campaigns and advocacy, Brand strategy development, Brand activation, Corporate identity design, Video, motion and visual design

Brand Frameworks

Anyone who works with brand(s) will have seen framework models or diagrams describing brand strategy - they might be pyramids (icebergs are a metaphorical favourite), prisms, flow diagrams, pillars, circles, mazes, wheels, spider diagrams, etc.

When done right, these can be an invaluable reference point, essential for defining an organisation’s focus, values, positioning in the market and personality. 

When done wrong, these fail to have any meaning which leads to ‘Blanding’ rather than ‘Branding’. At Liquid Light we employ lean branding methodologies that lead to meaningful frameworks that anyone involved in the communication of an organisation will find essential.

Brand Identity Assets and Guidelines

If a brand framework is the reference point for all communication, brand identity is how this is manifested in the real world. This includes physical assets such as the logo, colour pallette, typeface, graphic treatment, tone of voice and marketing messages.

This can be achieved in a lean manner, employing collaborative techniques such as mood-boards that allow us to quickly set a style that is tangible to all key decision makers.

Online Brand Development

Whilst we’re perfectly comfortable developing brands from the outset, we’re often asked to work with already well-established brands that have a well defined set of brand identity guidelines. However, it’s rare to find these guidelines providing any real insight into how a brand might transition or thrive in the digital realm.

We start where many brand guidelines finish - where we explore how a brand might look and feel when experienced in a digital environment - how should logos adapt to smartwatch screens? How should this appear in social feeds? What should the audience expect or feel when they interact with this brand on a smartphone, tablet, TV or smartwatch?

We explore all these issues and more - from technical implementations to the more emotional and visual impacts that a brand can convey online.

Tone of Voice

Most of us can write content that explains a service or products, however, it’s much harder to capture a brand’s tone of voice; those phrases and instructions that ensure that visitors get a much better sense of who you are and how you will engage with them.


  • Ensures consistency throughout your visitor’s journey
  • Strengthens brand persona and user experience
  • Helps to build relationships and visitor expectations of your brand