Deep, insightful understanding

We all know that well written content is the lifeblood of any digital project - if done correctly, it can engage, instruct, educate and motivate, but you’d be surprised how often we see clients underestimate how much time and effort is required to write useful, succinct and search optimised content. Without doubt, it’s the most common risk factor to any project deadline - especially if it needs to be written in several languages.

Avoid relying on existing content that’s already been written for brochures or older websites; most projects will need this content to be (in most cases) rewritten to such a point it might as well be written from scratch.

Tone of voice

Whilst most of us can write content that explains a service or products, it’s much harder to capture a brand’s tone of voice, those phrases and instructions that ensure that visitors get a much better sense of who you are and how you will engage with them as a user, customer or stakeholder.


  • Ensures consistency throughout your visitor’s journey
  • Strengthens brand persona and user experience
  • Helps to build relationships and visitor expectations of your brand

Copywriting for the web

Writing for the web requires a number of additional skills above and beyond that of a traditional content writer. Web copywriters need to consider the purpose of each page: how will it be found on and off site?

What calls to action do each visitor group expect or need?

How succinct can this be made to ensure even if a paragraph is skim read that enough information is retained to encourage further engagement?

What content links are required to ensure a user’s journey isn’t cut short or results in a dead end?

What supporting interactive or visual content is required to help explain or demonstrate a proposition or service? Video? Charts? Imagery? Animations? Customer Testimonials?

Is the content optimised using agreed keywords and phrases that will ensure the website is easy to find whilst avoiding keyword stuffing or unintelligible sentences?

Benefits of hiring a web content writer

  • Reduces a key risk point in a project’s life cycle
  • Written with an understanding of how users interact with content & what they need
  • Search engine optimised

Web/Social Content Strategy

Users primarily come to a website for its content, so it makes sense that the content strategy process starts at the very early stages of a project. We start most projects off with a discovery workshop that amongst other things identifies the key takeouts users are expecting from the proposed website. This provides the early stage building blocks of the type of content and functionality we expect to see in the site. Content can start to be grouped into appropriate categories and a number of site architectures can start to be proposed.

It’s at this point that we can also consider how social media activities and which platforms are most appropriate to work in conjunction with and support the website and its overall objectives: should the site be an end destination or a catalyst/launch point for further engagement?


  • Ensures that relevant and meaningful content remains at the heart of project - from naming conventions to over all architecture
  • Considers social media and how best to support and engage with followers


Many of our clients are international, multi-lingual organisations, with audiences who expect content and services to be provided in their own language. Planning a site to support multiple languages needs to be carefully considered as the workload and ongoing support for such a requirement is no small undertaking.

Whilst some clients have the capacity in house to provide translated content, even the largest of these finds it difficult to provide timely and up to date content in more than one language. Translations often follow weeks or months later once resources are made available and content is approved and then populated into the site. We have a wealth of experience building and supporting multi-lingual websites and have developed  number of tools and processes to work with translation agencies as well as internal translation teams.

Benefits of translated content

  • Strengthens and encourages engagement with foreign language visitors
  • Ensures a broader audience with regionally appropriate content and services

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