Whilst many agencies outsource development work to low cost companies or specialist development agencies, we’ve chosen to build and nurture our own specialist development team. Our team pride themselves on being able to deliver solutions to complex projects. They also know that how well something performs is as much a part of the user experience as how well the product was designed.

Designers, and developers sit together to work as one team. This collaborative approach leads to more agile decision making throughout the project life cycle. It also avoids issues where specification documents passed from one team to another can’t be easily updated as a project progresses. In short - well thought out products in less time.

Services may include: Bespoke, tailored, complex solutions, Optimised performance, Enterprise Level CMS, UAT testing, E-commerce and Third party integrations

Technical and search engine optimisation (SEO)

Since search engines started considering technical build quality & performance to be an important SEO ranking criteria, technical and SEO performance cannot be considered as separate disciplines.

Unfortunately many web design agencies simply do not prioritise this, as they use pre-built themes as the basis of delivering low cost solutions, resulting in websites with poor technical ranking in Googles PSI & Lighthouse tools.

At Liquid Light we focus on and prioritise technical performance ensuring your website works perfectly, but more importantly that you will get the best technical ranking in search engines.

Open Source Development

The Open Source Community works together to create software that is freely available to anyone who wants to use it. Nearly all the websites we build use open source Content Management Systems, which means that whilst you are given a website with a powerful, flexible CMS, you don’t pay for any software licensing costs, instead you pay for our expert time to configure and build the website to your exact specification. The added advantage is that if you’re not using proprietary code the less liable you are to being locked into any one agency who’s code you rely on.*

*Myth Buster - Whilst some agencies will try to tell you that developing in an open source CMS will enable your project to be immediately portable or easy for a third party to pick up and leave off from a previous developer, the truth is a little less clear cut. The very nature of open source software is that it is exceptionally flexible and is designed to be customised around your and the developers own specific needs. It’s extremely rare to find a website that is built using an out of the box install of an open source CMS system that hasn’t been bent out of shape to accommodate specific needs and functionality. In reality, it can be a tricky process to find a developer who would be prepared to take on someone else's open source CMS and carry on developing on it.


  • Cost effective, no initial or ongoing licence fees
  • Very flexible and customisable
  • Larger development community provides greater security and future development

Typo3 Development

Although we develop our websites using other CMS platforms such as Drupal, we’ve become well known for our Typo3 CMS expertise. The core TYPO3 CMS provides the majority of the functionality you require - our enhanced framework combines open source extensions with some of our own refined toolsets, creating a compelling CMS platform.

Third party integrations and Ecommerce

Having an in-house development team means that if you already have a service running such as Pardot, Salesforce, SAP, Shopify (etc) the chances are that we’ve already been able to integrate them before.

Multilingual / Global audience

Many of our clients are international, multilingual organisations, with audiences who expect content and services to be provided in their own language. We have a wealth of experience building and supporting multilingual websites and have developed a number of tools and processes to work with translation agencies as well as internal translation teams.

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