Achieving lasting impact begins with a clear starting point

Working in partnership, our approach is centered around a deep understanding of your organisations goals, empowering you to make informed decisions.

We understand that you could have a complex set of stakeholders and audience types - globally distributed, with competing responsibilities and priorities. We have extensive experience facilitating workshops and discovery sprints with complex stakeholder groups, and our processes and methodologies are designed to deliver organisational alignment around a concise and clear vision.

Our work not only focuses on product, but on people too. We take the time to understand internal processes and culture so we not only deliver best in breed products, but efficiencies across your organisation.

Typical activities

Our discovery phase can be a stand-alone piece of work, or the first part of a larger development. Activities we usually perform are:

  • Content Audit Reviewing existing content, messaging, and 'calls to action' to assess quality, relevance, engagement, identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Analytics Review Analysing data from web analytics and other tools to understand user behaviour, traffic patterns, and conversion rates.
  • Market Trends Analysis Researching current and emerging trends in your sector.
  • Audience research Creating personas for the intended audience helping to guide content creation and user experience design.
  • Requirements Gathering Collecting and documenting the technical, functional, and organisational requirements.
  • Strategy Roadmapping Developing a high-level strategy roadmap that outlines the key initiatives, projects, and milestones.

Wherever you are in your project; launching a new product, re-building a legacy system or needing advice on the next step of your digital journey, we have the expertise to power your project forwards and create meaningful and measurable outcomes.


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