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TYPO3 is a powerful open source content management platform, which allows us to develop complex and custom websites, catering to the needs of a wide range of clients, whether a large international NGO or a multi-layered membership organisation.

Operating as a TYPO3 agency for 15+ years, we have developed and matured our suite of enhancements to the TYPO3 platform, resulting in a technical framework that is performant, secure and search engine optimised. Liquid Light is not only one of the most experienced TYPO3 CMS development companies around, but we are also a full-service, award-winning digital agency.

If you need ongoing maintenance and support for your existing TYPO3 website or you are considering migrating to the TYPO3 CMS, then we would love to talk to you.

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Why choose Liquid Light as your TYPO3 development agency

If you already use the TYPO3 CMS or are looking to migrate to the platform, then there are some very good reasons to choose Liquid Light as your specialist TYPO3 CMS agency:


15+ years of TYPO3 CMS specialism

We adopted TYPO3 CMS back in 2002 and currently manage over 50 TYPO3 websites. TYPO3 remains our choice as one of the most complete and high-performing enterprise class CMS platforms on the market.

Making complex websites simple

We specialise in building bespoke website solutions for clients who need something strategically or technically more complex, creating multilingual, multisite CMS platforms for international corporations, associations and organisations.

Award winning UX & web design

Although our developers specialise in TYPO3, we are a full-service digital agency with a team of experts focused on design and user experience (UX), continually striving to improve visitor journeys and experiences. 

Building brands & values

As a strategic digital agency, Liquid Light can help you to develop your brand and messaging, ensuring your digital products, services and initiatives connect, keeping your communications streamlined and coherent. 

Robust process whilst retaining flexibility & agility

With over 25 years of digital experience we have a very mature process designed to sidestep predictable pitfalls.We guide and support less experienced client teams through this process, striking a balance between rigor & flexibility.

Passionate about our clients' business & objectives

Underpinning everything we do is our digital & strategic consultancy, which combines a refined process, with experienced & insightful consultants and a cultural passion for helping our clients overcome obstacles and achieve their objectives.

Whether you have an existing TYPO3 CMS website and need better support or you are considering migrating to the TYPO3 CMS, our team would love to talk to you. 

Tell us about your project using the form below or call us on +44 1273 623 303.

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TYPO3 & Search Engine Optimisation

TYPO3 & Search Engine Optimisation

The sites we build in our preferred CMS, TYPO3, are always optimised with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. Since the launch of Google Lighthouse we take great pleasure in seeing our sites get that 100% score - giving us a nice warm feeling, knowing that Google rates our sites in such a way.

15 reasons to choose TYPO3 CMS

Why 15 years of experience using TYPO3 has convinced us it is the CMS of choice for both agencies & clients.

Using column elements in TYPO3

Using column elements in TYPO3 is a great way to create interesting layouts for your website and the TYPO3 column element is easy to use and very flexible allowing all manner of different applications.

Adding, moving, and deleting pages in TYPO3

In this short TYPO3 training video I show you how to add new pages to your TYPO3 website and how to move pages and delete them.

Introduction to the TYPO3 file manager

In this introduction to the TYPO3 file manager training video I show you where to find the TYPO3 file manager, what it can be used for and how to upload items.

7 reasons to replace Wordpress & find a more powerful alternative

Whilst WordPress is the worlds most popular CMS, there are some very good reasons for finding an alternative to Wordpress.

Extend your TYPO3 admin using backend modules

TYPO3 ships with many backend modules that enable you to manage various site components out of the box. However, if you, like many of our clients, customise your setup and configure new features you can often feel limited by the default setup.

Use env files and variables to keep sensitive information out of your TYPO3 project

Environment variables are a great way of keeping sensitive information, such as passwords and API keys out of your project and git repository. Thos blog walks through setting them up with TYPO3

Using the TYPO3 redirects module to ensure your visitors don't end up at a dead-end

With version 9, TYPO3 introduced a native redirects module - not only does it give you a place to centrally manage your redirects, it gracefully handles page renaming

Why choose TYPO3 CMS for your website

Time and time again we have found TYPO3 to strike a great balance between functionality and usability whilst also being highly customisable, scalable and cost effective. Here's why.