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Understanding the website needs of member organisations

Whilst a website is technically quite straightforward, how you approach building effective websites for membership based organisations and associations has its own unique set of challenges and issues:

  • Promoting benefits & increasing membership - A key requirement for a membership organisation website is to promote the offering & benefits in a tangible manner, highlighting why this is going to add value to the visitor, ultimately enticing potential members to sign-up or join.
  • Revenue generation - whilst many membership based organisations survive on membership fees, there are often opportunities and challenges in relation to generating additional revenue streams for the organisation.
  • Proving value to members - many organisations fall into the trap of using their website to prove the value they offer to members, rather than using their website to enhance value and offering.
  • Engagement with members - key to the success of member organisations are their ability to engage and connect with members and stakeholders, ensuring they feel valued and part of a large community.
  • Extending membership benefits - whilst the website can be a strong promotional tool, the ability to create digital services and offerings via the online can transform and extend the benefits provided to members.
  • Individuals & institutional members - whilst some organisations memberships consist of individuals, other organisations memberships are institutional, requiring a very different approach and flavour. To complicate things, some organisations cater to both institutions as well as their members, creating a very wide stakeholder group.

An Enterprise CMS Platform for membership organisations

Website Content Management System
Be in control of all aspects of your websites content.

DIgital Asset Management
Store, archive & manage all your assets and media.

Calendaring & event management
Organise and promote events & activities

News, Blogs & content syndication
Publish & share news, knowledge & opinions with your stakeholders.

Membership Management
Allow members to join/sign-up and enjoy member specific benefits.

CRM & 3rd party integrations
Integrate with a variety of 3rd party platforms & services.

Stakeholder engagement
Harness the benefits of blogs, discussion rooms, surveys, polls and chat systems.

Rich & engaging media
Integrate a range of onsite/offsite media such as video, infographics and podcasts.

Targeted content
Target & restrict content & functions to different audience groups.

Our web publishing platform for membership organisations is based on an enterprise class CMS framework, which is open source, ensuring open standards, an active developer community and an exceptional TCO (total cost of ownership).