The award winning TYPO3 CMS Agency, with 18+ years of specialism with TYPO3

As a specialist TYPO3 CMS Agency, we combine our in-depth knowledge and experience of this enterprise class CMS platform with our award winning design & UX experience to deliver high performing ‘best in breed’ website solutions.

TYPO3 CMS is undoubtedly one of the most popular enterprise class CMS platforms. It combines the benefits of open source, a mature architecture, exceptional security & continuity, and a flexible and enabling suite of content management features and functions.

Why Choose TYPO3 CMS

Enterprise class content management platform

Continuity, scalability, security, version control, auditing, access control

Benefits of open source development community

LAMP based CMS platform offering largest development community

Unrivalled flexibility & scalability

Whatever the size, complexity or requirement, TYPO3 CMS can deliver

Easy to use drag & drop content publishing interface

Intuitive & quick to learn platform empowering teams

Out of the box Multilingual & Multi-site capabilities.

Built for clients with international needs & large digital estates.

Exceptional cost effective solution - Low TCO

Zero licence fee, Open Source, Standardised LAMP architecture, popular development environment

Functionally complete suite of content management tools

Drag & drop page builders, News, Events, Blogs, Rich Media, SEO optimised, etc 

High performance & search engine optimised (SEO) code.

Exceptional FE display performance & benchmarking, highly SEO optimisation code

If you already use TYPO3 CMS or are looking to adopt the platform, then there are some very good reasons to choose Liquid Light as your TYPO3 agency of choice.

  • 18 years of TYPO3 CMS specialism
    Following an in depth CMS evaluation, we adopted TYPO3 CMS back in 2002 as to be honest, few CMS platforms were capable or mature at the time. Whilst we regularly review this choice, TYPO3 CMS remains one of the most efficient and high-performing CMS platforms on the market and continues to be our CMS platform of choice.
  • Making the complex simple
    Whilst anyone can build a simple Wordpress site, we have a real specialism in building solutions for clients who need something strategically or technically more complex, creating multilingual, multisite CMS platforms for international corporations, associations and organisations.
  • Award winning design and User Experience (UX)
    Whilst we might love webtech, we are at our core an agency focused on design and UX, striving to improve visitor journeys and experiences. Within the TYPO3 CMS agency world, this is really quite differentiating as many competing agencies are tech focused.
  • Build brands and values
    As a digital agency, Liquid Light specialises in helping clients develop their brands and messaging, ensuring products, services, and initiatives connect. We are experienced in creating new brands as well as developing & enhancing existing brands for digital.
  • Robust process whilst retaining flexibility & agility
    With over 25 years of digital experience we have a very mature process designed to sidestep predictable pitfalls (such as design by committee)., We guide and support less experienced client teams through this process, striking a balance between rigure & flexibility.
  • Passionate about our clients business & objectives
    Underpinning everything we do is our digital & strategic consultancy , which combines a refined process , with experienced & insightful consultants and a cultural passion for helping our clients overcome obstacles and achieve their objectives.

As a specialist TYPO3 CMS agency we have developed and matured our deployment framework, creating a robust, considered and fully capable suite of enhancements to TYPO3. Our framework has been refined, optimised, and security audited over many years ensuring every client gets the benefit of each optimisation and improvement.

If you are still trying to decide whether TYPO3 CMS is for you, then find out why we think TYPO3 CMS is such a great CMS, if however you know TYPO3 CMS is for you, then we would love to talk to you about your project.

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