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Liquid Light: An award winning web design agency and digital partner for the NGO and NFP sector

From the African Development Bank Group to the World Health Organization, we've worked with some of the world's biggest NGO's and NFP's for over 10 years as thier trusted digital agency partner, to ensure their digital representation and communication online is central to helping them deliver their mandate.

How can we help you?

As a digital agency Liquid Light obviously does commercial work, but we have chosen to specialise in working on NGO websites, brand and campaigns, helping them to maximise their online potential. We have a real passion and focus for technology, but working with NGO’s, NFP's, charities and third sector organisations really ticks all our boxes.

Give us a call on +44 1273 623 303 or drop us an email to find out how we can help.

We understand the complexity

We fundamentally understand that designing websites and campaigns for NGO’s and NFP's differ from straightforward commercial projects. This is because both NGO and NFP websites and projects often have a diverse range of stakeholders ranging from individual beneficiaries to high level government officials who all have very different needs and objectives.

We understand online advocacy

Designing an NGO website or NFP website is often far more complex than for example, a simple donation based charity website. Advocacy focused organisations can require a more subtle approach, where taking the time to consider the different stakeholder groups, their needs and how best to engage with each of these is critical to ensuring that your website appropriately engages with your visitors.

We're data visualisation experts

Statistical data is a big part of how NGO's and NFP's present their mandate and successes, and we've developed some fanatastic data visualisation tools to really bring your findings to life. From interactive bar graphs to pie charts, all in real-time, we understand that presenting this data in a more dynamic way with a clear narrative is the key to getting your message across to your audience to engage with you.

We understand digital communication

An ongoing challenge for NGO’s and NFP's is how to use their website to communicate with key stakeholders, disseminating information, research and opinion in a easy to access and intuitive manner. Whilst this content and opinion may come from deep thinkers who are experts in their field, the reality is that their outputs are often difficult for external parties to digest. Liquid Light has many years of experience helping NGO’s and NFP's to better communicate online, refining website content and messages as well as enhancing this using charts and infographics.

We understand how to measure effectiveness

Showing your results & achievements is often key for you and your stakeholders, yet not always easy to demonstrate & quantify on your website or in your campaigns. We understand that in your field measuring success is not as simple as ‘number of sales’ as NGO’s and NFP's are often characterised by collaborations with others, more abstract statistics, and effects spread over long time scales or large geographic areas. Years of experience designing websites for NGO’s and NFP's provides us with the experience required to not only help communicate your effectiveness online, but also to measure your effectiveness.

We offer a cost-effective enterprise CMS solution

Many NGO’s, NFP charities and third sector organisations have limited budgets and we therefore specialise in using open source CMS platforms for our clients websites. Whilst many agencies will offer Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, we have chosen to offer our client’s more enterprise class tools using TYPO3 CMS which is one of the most powerful and flexible CMS platforms available in both the commercial and open source market place, ensuring our clients have the best technology to power their websites.

Award Winning Web Design

Award winning websites for charities, NFP's & NGO's

Liquid Light: A Full Service Digital Agency specialising in digital projects and websites for NGOs, Non For Profits and third sector clients

As a full service digital web agency, we have a strong portfolio of brand development, campaigns, marketing and website design for NGO, charity and third sector clients, providing us with the experience, expertise and focus required to help clients who’s website’s are more than a few simple pages with a 'donate now' button, and who require a digital partner who really understands their organisation.

We offer full planning and strategy service, brand development and web design, as well as CMS development and site build to help our clients from initial concept to launch. We work with many of our clients on an ongoing basis, with some of our relationships going back over a decade. We support our clients day-to-day, providing expert digital communication expertise and work with them as part of their team.

Insight and resources for NGOs and Non For Profits

Why NGO's, Charities and Third sector organisations need to wake up and embrace open data

'Open data' is a term thrown about in many circles, from the mainstream media to academia to government departments. But what is it all about? And what relevance does it have to NGO's, charities & third sector organisations, often hard pressed for time & resources?

Storytelling in the design process

Used as part of the design and development process of digital products and services, stories are a useful tool for designers to communicate ideas and concepts to both clients and development teams in a lean and low fidelity manner.

Helping NGO African Bond Markets show financial data

Helping NGO African Bond Markets show financial data

African Bond Markets (AFMI) is an NGO created to help promote and encourage investment in Africa via African government bonds. It was created by one of our other NGO clients - the African Development Bank together with other partners such as Thompson Reuters (news agency). One of the aims of the web site was to showcase key data regarding african government bond prices...

How to increase charity donations on the mobile web

Recent findings indicate that people are 67% more likely to make an online purchase if the website they’ve reached on their phone is smartphone-friendly. Liquid Light explores what this means for the future of online charity...

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