The Digital Agency for Nonprofit Organisations

Liquid Light is an award winning web design agency and partner for non-governmental organisations (NGOs), nonprofit organisations (NFPs) and foundations.

We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by NGOs and NFPs

  • Experienced in multi-stakeholder environments - We understand that designing websites and campaigns for NGOs and nonprofit organisations differ from commercial projects, as you often have a diverse spectrum of stakeholders ranging from individual beneficiaries to high level government officials; each with very different needs and objectives.
  • Understand online advocacy and engagement - Advocacy-focused organisations require a more subtle and nuanced approach, where taking the time to consider the different stakeholder groups, their needs and how best to engage is critical to ensuring that your website appropriately engages with your visitors.
  • Communicating more effectively - Whilst an organisation will have experts and specialists who have deep institutional and sectoral knowledge, refining this into effective externally focused communications can be a real challenge.
  • Measuring and proving effectiveness and success - Showing your results and achievements is key for you and your stakeholders, yet not always easy to demonstrate and quantify on your website, as this can often be characterised by collaborations with others, more abstract statistics, and effects spread over long time scales or large geographic areas.
  • Political and sensitive environments - Whilst a mission or mandate may be clear and concise, we understand and are experienced in managing and negotiating the need for sensitivity in relation to partners, donors, hierarchies and international politics that often make these projects more challenging.
  • Engaging locally and internationally - Whilst a website can communicate with anyone on the internet, the needs of local communities can be very different from global messaging, and the need for multilingual capabilities are obviously important but create their own challenges.
  • Need for powerful, yet cost effective CMS - Many organisations are mired by proprietary, or under powered, or inappropriate, or costly or poorly implemented CMS’s, reducing their ability to manage their website and content.
  • Digital expertise and support - Whilst organisations can be full of experts (in their field) they can struggle to build and retain web design and digital expertise, Liquid Light has chosen to become a specialist partner adding this capability into nonprofit organisations. 

We would love to talk to you

We are passionate about the world around us and have specialised in working on projects that make a difference, so we would love to help you harness the web to help you fulfill your mandate. Please call +44 1273 623 303 or

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Enterprise class CMS for NGOs & Nonprofit

Whilst many agencies will offer Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, we have chosen to offer our client’s more powerful & mature enterprise class tools using TYPO3 CMS which is one of the most powerful and flexible CMS platforms available in both the commercial and open source market place, ensuring our clients have the best technology platform  to power their websites.

Enterprise class content management platform
Scalability, continuity, security, version control, auditing, access control

Benefits of open source development community
LAMP based CMS platform offering largest development community

Unrivalled flexibility & scalability
Whatever the size, complexity or requirement, TYPO3 CMS can deliver

Easy to use drag & drop content publishing interface
Intuitive & quick to learn platform empowering teams

Out of the box Multilingual & Multi-site capabilities
Built for clients with international needs & large digital estates.

Exceptional cost effective solution - Low TCO
Zero licence fee, Open Source, Standardised LAMP architecture, popular development environment

Functionally complete suite of content management tools
Drag & drop page builders, News, Events, Blogs, Rich Media, SEO optimised, etc 

High performance & search engine optimised (SEO) code.
Exceptional FE display performance & benchmarking, highly SEO optimisation code

We question why so many noprofits & NGOs are limited by the likes of Wordpress, confounded by the likes of Drupal, or challenged by the cost of Sharepoint when they can have an enterprise class platform that has been refined, enhanced and optimised over many years to ensure it is the perfect CMS for non government organisations (NGOs), foundations and nonprofit organisations.

Digital support & services for nonprofit organisations & NGOs

As a multi award winning full service digital web agency for nonprofit organisation, we offer full planning and strategy service, brand development and web design, as well as enterprise class CMS development and website build to help our clients from initial concept to launch.

  • Digital communications strategy
  • Brand development & online identity
  • User Experience design & design thinking
  • User research: user interviews, usability testing and focus group facilitation
  • Website, App, Platform and Product design & development
  • Online marketing (Social media, Content strategy, SEO etc)
  • Enterprise class multilingual and multi site CMS Development
  • Third-party integrations (CRMs, bulk mail services, ecomm etc.)
  • Intranet and Extranet design and development
  • Ongoing creative, strategic and technical support

We work with many of our clients on an ongoing basis, with many of our relationships going back over a decade. We support our clients day-to-day, providing expert digital communication expertise and work with them as part of their team.

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