Not for profit, Brand, Design, UX, Development

Brand Strategy & Planning

ADR UK approached Liquid Light as a new government-funded research investment in need of a website and a cohesive brand to enable them to connect with various audience types such as policy makers, researchers and the public

Through a collection of targeted workshops we set about understanding what the new brand needed to achieve and what values were at the heart of the organisation. By including stakeholders from all levels of the organisation we facilitated an open dialogue to explore the sometimes challenging objectives of the team and form a clear vision for how best to communicate the brand.

Information architecture workshops with the core team helped us understand the needs of the website with a clear focus on content hierarchy and website objectives.

Brand development & visual identity 

Working closely with ADR UK’s comms team we used a series of lighthearted games during our brand focused workshop to quickly explore what was at the core of the organisation and what was the most appropriate way to communicate these values. Using brand games and challenges in this way helped us enormously to identify a clear persona for ADR UK with a definite tone of voice.

We used moodboards to put our learning into tangible options and quickly explore very different visual directions that the brand could take. The conversations that arose at this point in the project were really valuable and mood boards allowed us to explore how different stakeholders associate visually with the options.

Alongside the moodboards we were also exploring logo options and starting to explore how colour would play a key part in communicating the brand persona.

As this process evolved we knew we had a clear direction for ADR UK so turned our attention to the website and used style tiles primarily to help us define a web identity but as all elements of a brand are inherently connected we also continued to fine tune the appearance and feel of the overall brand identity.

Brand Execution

At this stage in the project we now had a well defined brand identity, visual direction for the website via style tiles exploration and content hierarchy and information architecture defined via wireframes and sitemaps. With these key factors in place we moved into our design phase. A lightweight brand guideline was produced to ensure consistency as the brand grows. 

We took a component based approach to the site design to ensure a website that is flexible and scalable and combined components during the design stage into key screen layouts to demonstrate final layouts for client sign off.

Development & Optimisation

Built using the TYPO3 content management system this site like all of our websites focuses on performance and accessibility. The website is easily editable by the client with full training provided by us to ensure day to day updates can be made without delay.

The site features a powerful sitewide search to ensure users can easily find what they are looking for.

Our focus on performance has achieved a google lighthouse score of 100 across all categories including performance, accessibility, best practices and search engine optimisation.

The Result

We’ve been able to create a strong new identity for ADR UK with guidelines to help the brand continue to evolve as the organisation does. The websites design is modern and clean, easy to navigate and clear and concise with its content.

Overall the new brand identity and website provide ADR UK with strong professional aesthetic to set them apart and stand out within their space. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ADR UK to add new features and continually evolve their site.