UHC2030 is the global movement to build stronger health systems for universal health coverage


It’s not often that you get to work on a project of such importance as the objectives of UHC2030.

Made up of over 60 partner countries as well as global health initiatives such as the WHO, the African Development Bank, the World Bank and UNICEF,  UHC2030 is a global movement to strengthen health systems for universal health coverage.

It does this by providing a platform that promotes and advocates increased political commitment, facilitating knowledge sharing and providing accountability through reports and statistics.

The Brief

With a launch to coincide with the 2017 World Health Assembly, Liquid Light were tasked with designing a website that that clearly explained UHC2030s objectives, as well creating a hub and focal point for knowledge sharing.

The Challenge

New organisations that are continually evolving and being developed while the website is inherently complex. After our initial meeting at the WHO building in Geneva, it also quickly became apparent that co-ordinating such a large multi-stakeholder group, in such a short time would be challenging. A phased approach helped to alleviate some of these pain points - it’s always worth remembering that a website can always be added to over time.

UHC2030 were still undergoing their brand identity and strategy direction with a few weeks until launch. The issue here was that we wanted to align the website with the new branding which was very thin and still changing. To overcome this, we created a series of style tile options based on the little branding that we had. These became a tangible reference to give us a direction for the look and feel. It was pleasing to see that some of the brand identity defined in our style tiles fed back into the final brand identity guidelines.

The Result

We knew that because UHC2030 was so new and was still developing that we’d need to use an enterprise level CMS to allow for the website to evolve with the organisation in future.

Using Typo3 as our CMS of choice, we’ve created a hub of information, news, documents and partner stories that UHC2030 are able to expand upon and curate. This is all within a clean, easy to navigate website, with a look and feel that is in-keeping with the subject matter, but feels up-beat and positive.

A separate ‘mission’ page has been created to give UHC2030 a space to clearly definite and set the scene for UHC as well as state their goals and challenges.

Technically, the website has been built to load fast on a large array of devices, scoring 97 out of a 100 on Google page speed insights.

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