Africa Trade Fund

Hosted by the African Development Bank’s Regional Integration & Trade Division, and initially funded by the Canadian Government, AfTra was set up in March 2012 with a clear aim of facilitating trade openings in low-income African economies.

The Brief

  • AfTra commissioned Liquid Light to build a website that represented what AfTra does, it’s mandates and what it’s objectives are. 
  • It also needed to showcase its achievements and activities.

The Challenge

AfTra want to be the destination to support and promote trade in Africa. To help AfTra achieve this, the website needed to be an indispensable tool for those wishing to apply for funding as well as acting as an informative destination for potential funding partners.

With plenty of information for a broad range of audience groups, including fund seekers, funding partners, journalists, academia and other members of the AfDB Bank, Liquid Light needed to produce a website where the content was easy to find without being cluttered or overwhelming, whilst clearly explaining what AfTra do.

The Result

Liquid Light designed the website around content that had been carefully reduced to only include essential and relevant information. The pages have been designed in a way that allows the user to gain a top-level understanding of the content before reading further for more detailed information. Any Calls to action have been carefully crafted to lead the user into further content.

By utilising friendly fonts, colours, textures and imagery, Liquid Light have produced a fully responsive website that feels accessible yet maintains the level of professionalism and gravitas that accurately reflect AfTra work and its objectives.

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