Chain of Hope

Chain of Hope is a charity focused on providing life-saving heart treatments to children in countries which lack developed cardiac facilities. Founded with the belief that all children should have access to life-saving heart treatment, Chain of Hope provides medical teams, equipment and training to developing countries whilst also creating ‘chains’ of support to enable children to travel to locations capable of providing these vital operations.  

The Brief

  • Whilst the brief was to obviously redesign the website, this encompassed the rebrand of Chain of Hope online, improving the visual presentation of the charity.
  • There was also a need to re-establish the messages that Chain of Hope communicate with its various stakeholders and visitors, ensuring visitors really understood the different aspects of the charity as their strategy had evolved over the years. 
  • The other obvious objective was to help market and promote the charity, improving engagement, participation and donation.

The Challenge

Whilst the underlying core principal behind Chain of Hope is beautiful simple – to help save children in developing counties who need heart operations – we soon discovered that Chain of Hope's approach and mandate was a bit more difficult to communicate.

The most important aspect of this project was therefore to help Chain of Hope to refine their messages and content, ensuring the website catered to new visitors whilst also ensuring Chain of Hope effectively engaged with existing stakeholders.

The Result

The new Chain of Hope website dramatically improves the charities visual persona, introducing their new brand and improving the way the charity communicates with it’s various audience groups.

The content management system TYPO3, allows the charity to manage all aspects of their website, in a cost effective manner, ensuring they are able to efficiently communicate with various audience groups. 

Ultimately the new website is focused on encouraging people to engage, participate and donate.

Chain of Hope has since won a 'Best in Class' Interactive Media Award (IMA) from the Non-Profit category.

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