TYPO3 Extensions


The whole ecosystem of TYPO3 is extensions. Every enhancement, every bit of functionality and every feature added to a TYPO3 installation is done through extenstions. Code an be provided by the TYPO3 core team, community plugins published to the TYPO3 Extension Repository or a custom extension for the installation to personalise and tailor your TYPO3 website.

Liquid Light has created and published our own extensions along with contributing to existing popular extensions. Below is a list of the extensions that Liquid Light have developed or contributed to.


TYPO3 Shortcodes gives editors a user-friendly way of embededing common elements from websites. Using square brackets in the editor, the Shortcodes extension creates all the neccessary code behind-the-scenes to display embeds from sites such as Youtube, Vimeo and Google Maps.

View the Shortcodes extension

Call to Actions

The Call to Actions extenion creates a repository of shared CTAs which can then be used throughout the site. The items feature heading, text and a button link & text, there are also options to customis the look and feel of each CTA. TYPO3 editors only need to update their content in a central place to ensure all the content stays up-to-date.

View Call to Actions extension

CC Routing

CC Routing was adopted from a previous agency and provides a URL enhancer to allow for custom and dynamic URL segmenets without providing a slug field for your table. Transform and santise parameters before servering them up as valid URLs. Results are then stored in a database for speed and to avoid collisions.

View CC Routing extension

Data Listings

The Data Listing extenion creates a module framework which allows you to create custom TYPO3 filterable, searchable and sortable backend modules. Out of the box, it comes with fe_users, but the plugin comes with APIs to quickly expand this to any table in your TYPO3 install

View Data Listing


Along with the extensions above, there are several TYPO3 extensions our developers contribute to or co-maintain:

Form to Database

Form to Database provides a TYPO3 form finisher and backend module to save your form results to a database. This then allows bulk downloading and quick viewing of any form responses submitted

View Form to Database

Global Password

Global Password adds a password screen to TYPO3 websites - a perfect way to protect sites that are in a staging or pre-production environment. The password is configured per TYPO3 site, allowing certain sites in a multi-site install to be password protected.

View Global Password

KE Search

KE Search is the Search extension we use for all our TYPO3 sites as it is hugely powerful and customisable.

View KE Search

Azure AD BE

Azure AD BE allows loggging in to the TYPO3 backend with an Azure or Microsoft account. It allows configuration based on an app created in the Azure ecosystem and can assign groups and permissions based on Microsoft groups

View Azure AD BE