Bytes Conf 2019 Rebrand

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For the past three years, Bytes Conf has retained the same branding which hadn't had the time invested in it that it derserved. This year we wanted to switch it up a little and allocated some time to rework it.

Bytes Conf logo before & after

Brand concepts

To begin the process, we had a whiteboard session to explore what Bytes Conf is, what we stand for and who we are targetting. We began writing down as many keywords as possible, before grouping them into key themes. Using these themes, we created a series of rapidly designed concept boards to explore different visual designs. 

As we were aiming to generate as many ideas as possible at this point we were quite relaxed about the form that the concept boards took. For example, some concentrated on a logo whereas others were closer to an entire design layout.

Above: The existing site was too focused on designers, this design aimed to push the brand into more of a tech/dev space, using elements such as scan lines in the background and a typeface that nods towards an old-school computer terminal.

Above: Using visual elements and a colour palette that feel as though they better represent the digital industry.

Above: The inspiration for this came from scrappily designed "DIY" punk posters.  A "B" version of this design was also created to explore the "Bytes shape" in a different context.

Above: This began with a typographic exploration of the logo; separating the individual letters to create a feeling that they are individual "bytes". The curvature that this creates is then reflected further down the page.

Above: Here we explored different colour usage and typography, moving towards much more pronounced gradients.

Above: One of Bytes Conf's key selling points is a friendly atmosphere. This design aimed to align with this by using rounded shapes, a soft colour palette and a more informal tone of voice.

Next steps - Logo exploration & brand colour

The concept of a logo that nodded towards ideas around  “DIY/Punk” posters resonated. There was also a strong feeling towards a pronounced and colourful gradient. Our next step was to explore the shape of the logo and different colour options.

Applying the new brand

With a logo and colour palette chosen, we were in a position to use these brand assets to create the new website, social images and press pack. 

The new Bytes Conf logo provides a memorable yet simple identity with its use of the angular shape and strong gradient. We've threaded these shapes and colours throughout the site and offline material, to create a brand that closely reflects the nature of the conference.

Meet the new design