Chaucer Syndicates

Insurance, Design, UX, Development

Strategy & Planning

As with all our projects we kicked off our planning with a one day Strategic Content Profiling workshop: our opportunity to dig deep into Chaucer’s business, future aspirations and market. We wanted to understand how Chaucer should position themselves: what made them unique and ultimately different from their competitors. 

As well as uncovering insights into the market Chaucer operates in, their audience groups and what their audience need, we ran through Information Architecture exercises designed to get a feel of the site structure, content requirements and homepage structure and content. We involved a wide stakeholder group so all departments were represented in the workshop, making sure we captured requirements and opinions from all areas of the business.

Brand development

Chaucer had their brand values well defined, with a solid brand positioning statement and promise. Liquid Light was tasked to refine this brand work into tangible customer facing marketing and positioning messages and imagery.

Through a series of iterative stakeholder sessions we rapidly worked through pairings of image and words that focused on each of Chaucer's brand pillars, resulting in a customer facing strapline that connects into Chaucer’s smart approach to risk.

Design & User Experience

Chaucer had an existing brand identity made up of a strong tri-colour palette, a colourway which is prominently used on their logotype and on their previous marketing material. Breathing new life into this brand while still retaining the colourway was one of the major design challenges of the project, with several design iterations focused on how this tri-colour palette was implemented within the site design. 

Chaucer wanted a dynamic homepage, one which would allow them to communicate several key messages and also communicate a sense of dynamism, and a deliberate move away from a single image and strapline, a design paradigm used by many of their competitors. 

Chaucer had quite narrow use cases for visitors to the site - we identified the need to find contact details for individual underwriters as a prime function of the site as well as giving brokers quick ways into product detail, with associated Underwriters and Claims staff prominently displayed on each product line. Visitors can drill down to individual product lines with ease from anywhere on the site, and our customized, focused search gives a direct method of getting to an Underwriter contact details, a function that can be accessed on every page.

The Result

We delivered Chaucer a dynamic responsive website with a clean minimal aesthetic and an optimised user experience.

Building on Chaucer's existing brand values we created the consumer facing ‘Smarter Choice’ strapline, an umbrella statement that all homepage messages sit under, and a positioning statement that gives a clear message around Chaucer's value and puts distance between themselves and their competitors.