Global Survivors Fund

Not for profit, Design, UX

Creating a pathway for survivors to access reparative measures


GSF was looking to create a cleaner user journey for their audience, who would want to easily access their documents and resources on the right to reparation.

Additionally, they wanted to bring focus on the countries they have conducted reparations in which would be represented within an interactive map.

The Studies

One of the most important areas of the website is the Global Reparation Study. This page showcases a large volume of documents, including essential information for reparation aimed at policy makers, legal experts, and survivor activists in multiple countries.

This area is inherently complex with multiple categories, languages and countries. It was therefore imperative that it should be displayed in a clear & organised structure. They wanted something flexible that could grow along with the amount of content the page will be expected to host. We knew to take a step back and see the whole picture. By doing so, we were able to create a simple digestible layout based on the country that could be expanded over time without becoming overcrowded and confusing.

An added complexity was languages. Not only is the site built to be multilingual, many of the documents were also translated into languages that aren't controlled by the language switcher. This was taken into account, making sure those two features don’t affect each other.

Work produced across the globe

Having produced work across four continents, a map visualisation was used to highlight countries so that GSF’s work could be understood at a glance.

This tool not only showcases the global scale they are working on, but it also allows users to quickly find documents on each country, from Projects to GRS and Country Briefings. The List view mode makes it more accessible to different screen sizes and allows for quicker navigation, especially on mobile devices.

The result

The new website enables Global Survivors Fund to showcase their organisation and what they stand for. It opens multiple possibilities allowing for multilingual site translations, flexibility in content and donations from users.

The website was built taking into account that GSF is an ever-growing organisation; the flexible components and page layouts will support them on their journey ahead.