Consultancy, Design, UX

Their business has grown over the years through consultancy services and they approached us to help them reposition themselves, ensuring their online presence better represented the breadth of services they can offer.

Challenges & Goals

Infocentric offer a broad selection of services which had lead to differing perceptions of what they depending on the audience group. Perceived as a tech company by some, but as a strategic consultancy by others, whilst finding themselves operating as a full service web agency with other clients, it was clear that Infocentric’s client base did not always understand the breadth of their offering and that significant work was required to improve their positioning.

Infocentric wanted to launch their new website to coincide with celebrating their 10 year anniversary. This made the project timeline very short. we needed to work very quickly and efficiently to achieve the target date.

As Infocentric have their own development team we were tasked with the repositioning and design of the new website only. We worked closely with their team to ensure we delivered clear designs in a format that their development team could easily work with.

The goals for the project were well defined; 

  • Create a holistic view of infocentric via their website
  • Tighten up their service offering
  • Help differentiate Infocentric from their competitors


Information architecture was defined using sitemaps and wireframes, working with the team at Infocentric to suggest new content whilst reviewing the existing site for any content that might still work. Wireframes are essential in any project but particularly for a project with a tight timeframe. Our well defined set of wireframes allowed for a quicker design process and content writing and development to begin earlier in the process.

Visual Design

We were able to put forward appropriate options which maintained a more corporate consultancy approach, a modern agency aesthetic, and a more serious data-lead minimal option. All options felt very different but all tapped into different objectives that had come up during planning and discovery 

The style tiles also offered an opportunity to play with messaging and polarise the different approaches that could work for the new website without conversations becoming about layout or content.

Our work early on in the planning stages allowed for a rapid design phase to be completed with regular meetings to ensure the stakeholder group was well informed and on board with the approach. We used online collaborative working tools to further speedup feedback requests. Working in this way also allowed for easy handover to the development team complete with all the required assets for a smooth build process.

The Result

The finished website takes a bold and confident approach whilst clearly differentiating Infocentric from their competitors and demonstrating the breadth of their experience and heritage.

The new website completely repositions Infocentric, changing the perception that they are purely consultants and showcasing them as a capable digital agency with the ability to deliver a wide variety of digital and consultancy services.