Odgers Connect

Recruitment, Design, UX, Development

Traditional consultancies are rigid in their approach and structure. This is often to the detriment of the projects they’ve been charged with delivering which are priced higher than the end result deserves. Odgers Connect is different. Instead of being a consultancy company, they are network of independent consultants that OC teams together to deliver exceptional service at a high value, cost effective rate.

Odgers Connect is part of Odgers Berndtson, a well established, board level executive recruitment firm.

Strategy, Planning & Content

The way that expert consulting advice is provided is changing. With only a single page for Odgers Connect within the Odgers Berndtson website, this new consulting model wasn’t clearly explained in practical terms and the benefits were not highlighted. Also being a relatively new company, Odgers Connect was concerned by a lack of visibility.

One of our first actions was to prioritise the benefits and create key messages around these. It quickly became apparent that messages and content needed to be tailored to two separate audience groups.

One key benefit that suited both audiences was the quality of the network and OC's expertise in matching the right projects to the right consultants. This quality attracted high-level clients with impactful and important projects. In turn, this became a strong proposition for consultants, allowing OC to be fastidious in their choice of consultants and only choose the very best to join.

To convey this benefit, we devised the tagline “Leading consultants, Leading Projects”. A memorable phrase that didn’t feel like a hard sell.

Design & Brand Identity

It was agreed from the beginning that Odgers Connect should stay close to the Odgers Berndtson brand identity guidelines. However, this raised the question of how much brand heritage should be leveraged from Odgers Berndtson versus how much of a unique space should be created for OC?

This is a difficult question to answer without something tangible to discuss. To help with this, a series of mood boards were created. Some of these followed the guidelines to the letter, some were interpretations of it and some pushed it to extremes. Only by doing this were we able to choose a visual guide that struck the right balance.


A website launch is only half of the story. We’ll be continually assessing its goals and generating ideas for improvement so that it remains relevant and fresh.

The layout and design of each page have been individually crafted. Often this leads to websites that are difficult to maintain. However, although we're on hand for content editing, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the CMS is easy for OC to update content without needing to contact us. 

The Result

Charts are used to visually convey unique selling points while project highlights are weaved throughout the site, giving a taster of the impact-fulness of projects and seniority of clients and consultants.

The website strikes the perfect balance between leveraging the brand identity of the Odgers Berndston brand and creating its own unique space. Our 'Leading consultants, leading projects' tagline is visually supported by images using perspective, hinting at 'looking forward' and 'leading the way'. This visual hook has allowed us to thread an image world throughout the site that goes beyond the obvious images of meetings and consultant workshops.

Without the need for a hard sell, the design is quietly confident, spacious and doesn’t overpower the content. The benefits of the independent consulting model are communicated in an engaging and clear way.