Uniba Partners Video

Insurance, Video production

Each partner is strategically selected to join and is tested to ensure they meet strict levels of quality so that they adhere to client centric principles. As a partnership each partner can work across borders with other members, confident that they offer the same high standards of service as they do.

Liquid Light was also working on a new website for Uniba Partners at the time and after some discussion with our stakeholders it become clear that the conference would also be a fantastic opportunity to engage with the Partner group and create some short talking head videos for use around the website.

Over the cause of the three day conference our two man team were able to interview 22 different Uniba Partners, International desk managers, board members and sponsors whilst still capturing much of the general conference activities such as presentations, seminars, panel discussions and networking meetings.

After the event we were able to review the footage and make suggestions about how best to edit it to provide value to the organisation.