10 Excellent examples of image sliders in NGO websites

on 15th January 2013

(Last updated 19th January 2017)

An 'image slider' generally refers to the changing image space usually found at the top of a website homepage.

They come in all shapes and sizes and varying methods of interaction. Sometimes just used to add more visual eye candy to hold the viewers attention but also an excellent way to organise and highlight important content within a website and show a lot of content within a limited amount of screen space.

We've gathered 10 great examples of NGO companies who are currently using image sliders in effective and creative ways.

Let us know if you think there's a website that should be in this list.

You can see our work with NGO's over the years here.

Open Society Foundations

Effective use of background photo slide show.


Lovely design treatment given to this accordion style image slider.

The Chicago Council

Clean and clear messages over a full width slide show pulling the viewer into the site.

Rice Bowls

Lovely mix of photography and illustration with strong typography and bright colours.


Amazing full width campaign photos that dominate the homepage getting all the attention.

Mideast Youth

Full width photo slide show that scales up nicely for big screens.

Cure Violence

Nicely intergrated slide show highlighting the main issues of the site.

Savoirs Partagés

Impressive background photos that change as you rollover the main navigation items.

Rainforest Alliance

Good example of an image slider with thumbnails.

Teach for America

Eye catching slider photos with nice big calls to action.